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Honestly I really wish Google+ would hit the numbers and participation it needs to have critical mass to stay afloat, but it seems there’s no magic sauce to what social media platform can do that. I would have switched over to Google+ years ago, but the only reason I even started on FB was that so many people were already on it. The friends I keep up with on there often are people who use no other social media whatsoever. But FB itself has so many problems (primary among those being that there’s no way for it’s users to have finite control or any control over their news feed. Stop telling me I don’t want to see everything my friend’s post and let me create lists or groups or filters of my own, you can’t decide for me and you know it). Google+ reminds me of Livejournal vs. Tumblr. Functionally, LJ is the better platform for most things (there’s the Russia connection, but that’s another problem). It has more security settings and more user based control over who sees what. Add reblogging to LJ and it would be 100% the better option. But it’s mostly a ghost town and everybody is on Tumblr, which is a terrible website that hates it’s users and doesn’t think they’re using it right. I’d rather be using LJ but I have to go to Tumblr to see my friends. I guess it’s kind of like if all your friends love this really terrible bar and you know there’s a better one with cheaper prices two blocks over but nobody will go there with you. You’re stuck with going to the terrible bar or being the person getting drunk alone.

Google+ barely hanging on? Where’s the evidence in that? There is still quite a number of very active users on there. And honestly, it’s easier to get out of your ‘social bubble’ on Google+ then it is on Facebook.

“Only 6.6 million users have made 50 or more posts according to Eric Enge, who has spoken out on the challenges that Google+ is facing. Enge also noted that 90.1 percent of profiles (as of April, 2015) have never posted anything at all.”

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