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A torrent search engine that operates on the base of the web crawler, the same thing that Google uses. This allows the site to check through millions of files in a split of a second. It checks the cookies instead of registering so your download history is visible and therefore you can rate the torrents.


Demonoid is by far the best tracker I've ever used, at least as one with semi-open registration (During weekends, the registration is open, however during the week you need an invite.) Also, if you're looking for TV shows, you'll find a home at It looks at many trackers, and sends you a feed (RSS) of updates and added episodes to the shows you choose.

I really like RankTopTen. I Check it daily. A big problem that I have is that sometimes I just don't understand what you are talking about! A serious suggestion would be to either explain /or/ give a link to an explanation sometimes. I really have no idea what "Torrents" is (or should that be "are"?) supposed to be.

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