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A Finnish torrent site that primarily functions as a search engine for the torrent files that meet your requirements of some sort. Type some keywords and get the list of results, simple as that. It is now one of the most popular sites that operate with torrents worldwide due to the simplicity and effectiveness.


scam indeed. until monday, i did know know btjunkie existed. that's when both this blog post and a link to btjunkie made and digg. moreover the site is terrible. it seems to me that for torrent needs, your best bet is finding specialized sites like dimeadozen or myspleen. the community is far more important than the number of torrents because it ensures high quality and a large number of seeds. lately, the social bookmarking experiment seems inclined to fall for stuff like this (browzer anyone). it get's worse when a blog like lifehacker falls for it too. also, popurl is an aggregator. how can something be via it?

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