Know How to Reduce or Improve Your Caffeine Tolerance from Top Tricks to Get the Most Out of Your Caffeine Hit


For many people, the pure, uncut goodness leads to shakes and jitters. I’m one of those people. I took them occasionally in college or on long road trips, but I’ve stayed away for a few years now. The jolt of being awake wasn’t worth the general uneasy feeling that I associate with too much caffeine. I would recommend taking them with food or right after eating, and with plenty of water. Also couldn’t hurt to ask your physician (in case of underlying heart issues). Like anything, it shouldn’t give you any issues to try it out. But they are definitely not something you want to become reliant on.

Agreed. I tried taking caffeine pills to replace my morning mocha to reduce my calories, and it took me almost a week to realize that my morning queasiness was due to the pills.

There is a big difference in Anhydrous Caffeine and Caffeine Citrate in the way it affects your body. IF you want to take a pill/powder form. I recommend looking into the citrate form if you wish to do this, and as people have said be cautious in the amount you take as it is a stimulant.. The effects people speak of are just people taking too much at once and aren’t used to taking 200mg of anhydrous caffeine which is what most caffeine pills are formulated as .. or they take them with a Mt Dew having another 50ish mg of caffeine (mt dew really doesnt have more caffeine relatively than other types of soft drink — Pepsi Max has the most in readily available soda type drinks— but that is a side note.) 250mg~ when you are used to having 50mg~ your body is going to react quite a bit differently..

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