Catch Up On Movies from Top Ways to Escape Reality and Relax

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I agree with this. I go on vacation for fun, not for release. That becomes a release in and of itself though. I want to experience life, get the most out of it. That’s what my vacations are for. But to relax, I find my little nuances at home (literally at home, or out and about in my city). I don’t find a vacation relaxes you, because you have to come back to your hectic lifestyle and nothing changes. Relaxation is something that should be done daily or weekly. Not just a 2 week sprint once or twice a year. My 2 cents :)

I love the idea of taking a vacation, but I’ve not taken a vacation since the Clinton administration and honestly I wonder if I even know how. It’s like I’ve been hanging on a rope for 20 years; even if I could let go, I’m not even sure how to open my hand. How do workaholic knots of pent-up stress and exhaustion break the cycle? Is it as simple as getting away? Are there ways of optimizing a vacation for mental health and stress relief? Is there any psychological study into vacationing for the purpose of recharging mentally and emotionally?

Not that I know any more than the next guy, but I recommend looking at relaxation as an active goal more than an “escape”. It’s about the presence of positive experiences, not the absence of negative ones. You can also keep it small - think of something you like, think of a place that’s REALLY good for doing that thing you like, and go there for a three day weekend. Work will be there when you get back.

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