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Just do it! (I’m not being flippant) Don’t make a big deal about it, just get away, spend sometime doing something you enjoy, read a book (start with The Tao Te Ching), relax, get a little exercise.

Try tacking on an extra day to the weekend. I’m assuming you take weekends or other days off every week. If not, start with a regular weekend and just head out of town. I knew someone who lived a few hours drive from the beach. He’d leave work after rush hour died down on a Friday night and drive to the beach. Watch the sun come up, grab some breakfast and lay out on the beach. Check into a motel in the early afternoon for some quality sleep. Go back out to the beach to watch the sunset. Have a seafood dinner somewhere. Sack out again that night at the motel and head home the next day. The simple act of driving away from the office and finding yourself in a totally different environment by sunup untangles your mind from the chaos of the usual grind.

Hiking and camping are great but nature can be more accessible. Drive to a park in your area, leave your phone in the car, go sit on a bench, and watch nature. If you want to be adventurous, bring some seeds to scatter for the birds and squirrels.

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