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Yep, whatever could go wrong will go wrong. Like I said, my car has been broken into despite there not being anything of value in plain view. These things happen. And because these things happen, you should plan for the fact that they can and will happen. So...

Yes, great list! Oh my gosh, a good book and camping. Heaven. right. there. I feel sorry for people who don’t read, truly. And those who don’t appreciate living in the wilderness for a few days. Aaah ... total rejuvenation. And then there’s a good swim, or a nice long run. All the good things that I just can’t live without

I recently tried floating as a way to relax and escape my stressful life/job. Had heard comedian, podcaster, UFC announcer Joe Rogan talking about how amazing it is and I have to agree. Essentially you are in a sensory deprivation tank filled with water that’s heated to 98.6 degrees and has 900 pounds of epsom salt which causes you to float. Water temp means you can’t tell where your skin ends and water begins, giving your brain the sensation your floating. Paired with some meditation breathing exercises I emerged from the tank feeling great, both physically and mentally. Places with float tanks certainly aren’t everywhere, but if you live within the vacinity of somewhere that offers I suggest trying it out. One word of caution. If claustrophobic I could see not liking floating due to the tank you’re inside. Otherwise give it a shot and if nothing else you’ll end up with a interesting experience.

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