Take Up Journaling or Writing in Any Form from Top Ways to Escape Reality and Relax

Take Up Journaling or Writing in Any Form 1 100x100


Another great one, get out in your yard/porch/roof/outdoor space and do some gardening. Even inside! Go find a big glass jar at your nearest hobby mart and make a terrarium! Working with plants puts me at peace like almost no other thing.

Don’t read anything that takes an electronic device to display it Don’t interact with anyone using anything that requires you type on a keyboard Don’t watch anything on TV Actually leave your home and go outside to a place that doesn’t have a TV or an Internet Connection Eat something decadent and don’t worry about the ozone, the whales, the tuna fish, climate change, sugar, caffeine. Best of all do it all with someone who you care about - but don’t talk about current events, politics, religion, sports, or anything except your lives together and your future hopes/dreams. Something the matters instead of what hot or controversial for the next days .. but in the full scheme of things does not matter at all.

I will say that once you’ve learned and dove into your own honest-to-goodness coding/programming project, you truly will feel like you’re in an alternate reality. I mean this, because you actually get an idea how stuff you use everyday is actually built. It’s pretty rewarding too.

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