Crank Out Some Push-Ups from Top Ways to Upgrade Your Morning Routine


If exercising is stressful on the heart, I think being jolted multiple times each morining by your alarm would be even worses.

I've actually heard this before too, although the source escapes me. What I've come to understand is that stretching is the best thing for you in the morning, not exercise. I read about a 7o-something year old russian scientist who came to work with more energy than any of his 20-something grad students because he spent around 2 hours stretching each morning. Some people also recommend yoga.

I would also like to know the source of this, I workout every morning and find it is absolutely the best way to be firing on all cylinders in the morning (only if I've had 6 hrs+ sleep, though).

Okay, not to say that there is nothing to this, but for people who are in decent shape, the great benefits of exercise will greatly outweigh any small risks that this adds. This reminds me of the 60 year old woman who had been carrying around an extra 50 or more pounds most of her life with numerous health problems telling me I shouldn't jog because "it's bad for your knees".

Scant evidence at best (from that). Correlation doesn't imply causality. In addition, you could argue that those whom heart attacks hit (presumably in the morning) are already in a high-risk category, and that ANY kind of exercise, be it morning or evening, will help remove you from that high-risk group. In other words, the benefit may well outweigh the risks.

if you want to argue go ahead, but i am not arguing anything - just sharing some links in answer to a specific question. those links were just a few (of many) links that popped up when i looked to see if there was any support for the original poster's comment. so whether it's cause and effect or something else you are welcome to argue or research on your own, but the premise of the original poster's comment is supported on a number of health related websites.

Thanks for putting up the links. I am surprised how many responses this comment has garnered. I am not a health expert but, was just speaking from a few news articles I had read. (unable to relocate) I just wanted to add to the conversation, not take a stand against exercising in the morning. To re- focus my comment, I believe the strain on your heart is a real thing to consider but, it's not an absolute. Like it was pointed out above, if you have a pre existing condition it may very well expose that. Based off the the articles shared, I would say that if you had a choice to work out when you first woke up or an hour or so later, it would probably be healthier to go with the latter, regardless of existing health conditions. However if it's your only chance to exercise for the day, the benefits would probably out weigh any sort of speculative negative affects. In summary, I would say that in the span of the day, if there was a vulnerable time for your body, it would be when you first wake up. Thanks Gawker for providing the people with great content that spark great conversation!

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