Know Your Peak Performance Times from Top Ways to Upgrade Your Morning Routine


Doing strenuous activity's in the morning is very rough on the heart. The push ups do get you going i'm sure, but over time it cannot be good for your heart overall. It is suggested to take your morning as easy as possible which does include hitting your snooze button. Obviously exercise does outweigh not exercising but, I would have to strongly disagree with the push ups right out of bed practice. Maybe out of the shower lol.

Interesting. I have absolutely never heard this before. What is your source?

The only time I have heard that is when talking about people with high blood pressure and heart disease . For those without such issues or risk factors no studies seem to exist which support your conclusions.

Why would it be any more dangerous than at any other time of the day? I'm not necessarily saying you're wrong, I just have never heard anyone say this. Do you have any studies to back this up? Personally, I feel far more capable of strenuous exercise first thing.

Not exercising and drinking coffee is even worse for your heart (and not only). Of course you don't have to do a full work-outs in the morning. Best time for those is around 17-19 o'clock - 1 hour or so before the supper.

I did recently read that it is much better for our hearts to wake up slowly as opposed to jolting out of bed. What you are saying would be consistent with that idea.

I'm intrigued to know your source, too. I do cardio at 6am. I'd love to see the data that shows that my workout is killing me instead of making me stronger.

I heard it in *Year of the Black Rainbow*, and if Claudio Sanchez says it, it must be true! Fanboyism aside, I've found that if I get up and move as soon as I'm awake that my heart goes into overdrive and my body screams in pain, but if I wait until I'm reasonably cogent before doing anything, I have my full stamina. (still not very high, tho.)

I'm not a doctor, but I do know that the heart IS a muscle and as such, I do believe the heart will be strengthened by exercise. Hitting the snooze button might feel good, but it's about as good as sitting on the sofa, because running makes you tired. /JC/

I could swear I've seen the BBC's Horizon doing a program on times of day where the most people die. Something about your blood being thicker in the morning between 7 - 10am and it's linked to a higher rate of heart attacks. Also recall something about 2pm - 4pm being the deadliest time to be driving with the post-lunch slowdown and the largest number of hazards on the roads combining to result in statistics that show more road deaths at this time than any other. Can I find this any info on this programme using google?! hell no... and i've scoured! Pretty damn sure it was Horizon... but I guess I could be confusing it with a Discovery channel programme.

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