Put Your Kids on an Itinerary from Top Ways to Upgrade Your Morning Routine


I'm a night owl....but wish I could become a morning person. I just have a hard time making myself go to sleep early enough to get up early. My mind and body is at its best from 8pm till 12 midnight or later.

Same here. I work from home and could set my own hours, if I worked and slept according to my natural schedule that is. However, I keep roughly the same schedule as my wife who has a regular 9-5 deal... I would never see her otherwise.

I'm the same as you, except I have class at 8:15 every morning. I was never able to change my habits so during the week I'm constantly running on 6 hours, or less, of sleep.

Same here. And the bad part is that you end up appearing to be groggy and unalert all day and once class is over and you go home, you're wide awake!

My problem is actually that I'm both... I love having the morning, but at the same time, I work great at night and can't get myself to sleep, once I'm up, I'm up :(

For most people it is possible to switch. I used to be up early, finish work early and to bed early. When I moved cities I found everyone here started late finished late and went straight out after work, so I changed my routines so I could keep in touch with people. The thing i realised is that its mostly habit - it isnt that my mind worked best according to some arbitrary time on the clock. Rather it worked best according to its own rhythms - I realised that I did my best work within a few hours of getting up; that I got tired an hour or so after lunch if I ate too much; that I needed to take 5 minutes to relax in the mid-afternoon to get energy back; that I needed to have a light snack about an hour before I left work; and so on. I eventually managed to shift these rhythms, so I now get up later and go to bed later - but otherwise my body is still running on the same kind of daily patterns.

And then you can't get to sleep in time to correct your circadian rhythm. It sucks, no?

Something that worked for me in school— try a nap in the afternoon or early evening. I was able to get more sleep in the day, yet still able to work during my peak hours at night. Plus, there is some evidence that more frequent sleeping helps memory and concentration. Now that I'm older and have other obligations with set times I've had to find other methods. Going to bed around 10:00 and getting up around 4:00am seems to work pretty well. It is apparently still in my work peak time and has the added advantage of starting my day off right. Biggest issue is afternoon drowsiness. I end up spending lunch napping in my car a couple days a week.

I've always thought being a night person was normal... but it really isn't. My thing was it was the only time for myself to browse the web & play games I could manage through my entire day was at night... when my family was asleep. I am a college student, too, so I started falling in line with my friends who do the same. Y'know, up late chatting on AIM/Twitter. Since moving out of my family's house (thank God), I've decided I can get that alone time easily during the day, thus the night should be held for either reading or sleeping; or some combination of the two. Don't know if that's your logic, but I feel that once I found some satisfying time to myself during the day, the night should be reserved for rejuvenating my body. 8 hours and waking up feeling awesome is probably the BEST thing I can do for my health I'm finding so far.

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