Trade Coffee Jolts for Smaller Perk-Ups from Top Ways to Upgrade Your Morning Routine


I make sure I have a full stomach before bed. If I am hungry in the slightest, I have to get out of bed and eat :) Oh, what I do is GO TO BED WHEN YOU ARE TIRED, not because "omg it's 11pm!". My fiance goes to bed too early, and gets up for drink, bathroom, etc 2-3 times before I even get in bed! Don't hit the sack too early.

Have you tried taking any melatonin before going to bed? I don't know your body type, but 3mg is a nice middle ground for most people. I'd suggest, however, starting at 1mg and work in 1mg increments, to a max of 5mg, until you find a good dose for yourself. I once took a 10mg dose, knowing this was high and wanting to see what would happen. A dead-man trigger I rigged up indicated that I fell asleep within 5-6 minutes. Suffice to say, I'm only taking a 3mg dose of the stuff when I have 3+ consecutive, sleepless nights.

I definitely agree on the waking up at the same time idea. I used to work out 3-4 days a week, so I'd get up early on those days and later on rest days. I always had trouble waking up early after waking up later the day before. Now that I workout 6 days a week it's actually easier to wake up at the same time. In fact, I'm usually awake before the alarm. I have to disagree about the hot shower, may work for you, but I recall reading a report recently about working out at night. People who work out at night tend to have a harder time getting to sleep because when your body goes into sleep mode, your core temperature drops. Working out brings your core temperature up, so working out at night makes it harder to go to sleep because you have to wait until your core temp goes down. Headclone, I'd advise the opposite of Dave, I'd try taking a colder shower at night, and in the summer, crank the AC and close off your bedroom so that the room cools down considerably. For me, I need cold to sleep, I have the worst trouble getting to sleep in the summer.

You may have convinced yourself you have trouble falling asleep. Undo that. Believe that you'll fall asleep quickly. For sure, some exercise or a hot shower would trigger physical responses which will help. Get rid of the pre-conceptions that you're not a person who falls asleep quickly. You hit the pillow and fall asleep. That's what you do. It'll happen.

I second getting up at the same time everyday, i get up at 6h30 every morning and if i leave my shutter open and don't set my alarm clock i get up just a bit later

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