Wake Up Without Any Caffeine from Top Ways to Upgrade Your Morning Routine


Any ideas on how to wake up on the dot and fall asleep quickly? The latter has been a problem for me for ages, and its really not very helpful in the morning, especially if I'm on a schedule.

Wake up on the dot by waking up at the same time every day. Yes, even on the weekends. Go to sleep quickly by first taking the hottest shower you can stand and then immediately getting into bed. As your body cools from the shower, you will get sleepy. Works for me.

another big thing is not to lay in bed until it is time to go to sleep. Over time your body will get reprogrammed to the idea bed = sleep.

I've had trouble falling asleep since I was a small kid. On a really good night it takes me about an hour. I think it's my ADD, overactive synapses. Even when my body is exhausted my brain is still overactive.

Your mileage will probably vary, but as a grad student I can tell you that dense and insanely boring non-fiction puts me to sleep on the dot no matter what the time of day. If I'm at home, I can't read for my dissertation without a cup of coffee or a nap beforehand, so I often take my reading to the gym and just pedal along at 60-70% of capacity while marking up whatever I'm reading to make sure I can go back and find all the info I need later. Did I just go completely off topic...?

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