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Starting on March 15, 2005, only a month after the launch of YouTube, Dailymotion was one of the original contestants to challenge YouTube’s position on the market. It was born in the apartment in Paris, fully constructed by two guys with an overall budget of less than $10,000. Now it is on 119th position in terms of the websites that get the most traffic. The content is a combination of random folks who post any videos, original creators with their own unique video products and premium partners that use the platform mainly as a promotion stand for their company, new products etc.

Dailymotion was at first considered to become a European counterpart of YouTube with a potential to keep the Google creation at bay in North America, but today it is clear that competing with such a giant of the industry is nearly impossible. As Dailymotion grew and was raising funds from many sources, including French government, new offices were opened in New York, London, San Francisco, Singapore and the most recent one, in Abidjan. The company began spreading to the international public in 2007 and the process is still going on. Despite the majority of viewers preferring YouTube, there is a solid fanbase of this French video hosting service. 18 languages and localizations for 35 countries is a major indicator of the project’s progress.

Dailymotion assets include apps on many platforms, cloud storage, tools for multiple uploading and collaboration projects with massive brands such as Facebook. Despite losing the competition against the Big Video Brother, YouTube, it is still a competitive and profitable hosting which has the feeling of being home and ability to watch quality content with the introduction of HD video. And what do you think about Dailymotion?


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