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The best band ever, according to millions of young people, Coldplay is a British pop-rock band which has gained fame at the dawn of 21st century and stayed there since. Their music is meditating, uplifting and is set to encourage thoughts about one’s emotions. 80 million albums sold speak for themselves and leave no second thoughts.


Once upon a time they were enormous now we tend to think its fashionable not to like them. I blame Gwyneth Paltrow

A good band who have lost their way a bit.I love the song Yellow and I think X & Y is a really good album. It seems to be fashionable not to like them anymore !

Talented band, great albums from the beginning to Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends. Mylo Xyloto sucked. They can only improve from there

First four albums are amazing, Mylo Xyloto has some nice melodies but ultimately not very memorable and too poppy (I mean having a song featuring Rihanna?! C'mon Coldplay you're better than this!).

Coldplay should Release An Album of thier Older Style

First 3 albums are good even tho they all fade in quality towards the end. Everything since then has been distinctly average, seemingly with the aim to appeal to as many people as possible to make as much money as possible.

This band haven't quite lived up to expectation for me. A rush of blood is a classic album and x&y has its moments, but since then they have been a big disappointment. Much as i admire Brian Eno, he seems to trying to make them sound like lots of different bands - not themselves. A shame as I think Chris Martin is a good songwriter. They need to look at a different direction, imho.

I would like them so much more if they actually had something to say just once. And then... so often so irresistible. I can hate Coldplay with the best haters out there but they make so many beauties like Lost!, Swallowed in the Sea, the Scientist and many more album cuts that never achieved overcoldplay. But, yeah, no one is ever going to accuse them of being serious artists.

I hope Coldplay's next album is really offensive, brash and unforgiving so that it will split the entire music industry and leave us to question just whether Coldplay have it in them to still make something that will shake the earth.

Mediocre. Some good tracks, such as The Scientist, Talk, Green Eyes, etc. but the huge amount of filler in between bores me.

I love everything about this band. I have listened them to years yet I barely grow bored of them. They are fantastic. I disagree that they are boring and that they are "a dryed up Radiohead". In the future I think a lot more people will begin to respect them more.

Sad to see them go down the dark road of Pop Duets with Jay-Z and crap. The first 2 albums were amazing, especially Parachutes, it deserves to be higher. The fact that Coldplay had disowned Parachutes says a lot about them.

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