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Founded by Dave Grohl of Nirvana after the death of Kurt Cobain, Foo Fighters quickly gained the fame and were called one of the best alternative bands. The band has recorded 9 studio albums, all much loved and revered by the fans and critics. All albums combined have sold 30 million copies globally.


Just listened to Skin and Bones, immedietly deleted the first two songs. After that is gets going. This is a nearly accustic set which made them sound like the Counting Corwes only a little weaker on Vocals. Great songs, but I live album with everything plugged in would be a lot better.

Maybe not the most original, but they've been writing great songs for a long time, and have several great albums. TCATS is amazing.

I think the Foos make great singles, but their albums are kinda weak.

one of the greatest rock bands ever.

Probably one of the coolest rock bands around these days.

Foo Fighters is a band that does not take any risks and play straight forward rock. While I'm not a fan of listening to simmilar stuff over and over from one band, I gotta give them a shout out for playing consistent rock 'n' roll these days where most rock became indie and soft. Not complaining while listening to them to the radio but not enough to make me buy their album, sorry FF fans :)

Before they were any good the band performed as the Pooh Fighters

Not very innovative or unique, but a fun listen for sure.

The greatest act of the last 20 years. Along with Pearl Jam, Green Day and Bruce Springsteen, they have kept Rock music in good shape.

Love most of their singles. One By One is my favourite album other favourites I listen to now and then are In Your Honour, Wasting Light. They rock great, but rarely if ever have any beauty in their music or singing; apart from cd2 of In Your Honour. I think they could do with a great producer to give them new ideas, because all their albums are very much the same sound through out. I love the Foo Fighters though, Top 15 band of mine.

Arguably the most important band leading the rock charge today, and doing it with great consistency. One of the best live bands you'll see, and just really good guys. It seems now as if they are in their prime, so there should be more very good things to come from the Foo Fighters in the next few years.

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