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AnyDVD/AnyDVD HD 1 100x100

A free DVD ripper by RedFox, it is a stable software that unlocks the DVDs and removes copy prevention from them. Operating on any Windows after the 2000 version, it also enables user to rip the HD and Blu-ray discs after a recent update. Also provides direct access to audio tracks on the disc.


Handbrake doesn't even rip DVDs, unless this is a new feature they recently added?

Handbrake can rip DVDs if you have VLC on your computer as well if I recall. (HB can use some of VLC's files to break copy protection or something iirc).

I rip DVDs with Handbrake all the time. Have for years.

In order to use Handbrake's DVD rip function you have to have VLC player installed in order to use VLC's dvd playback function.

It does, but in my experience it hasn't ever worked well. I just use DVD Decrypter to do the actual ripping to a single VOB and then convert that to whichever format I want using Handbrake.

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