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A software that DVDFab creators would be proud of. Developed by the UK team it is able to create and save backup images of the DVD, which is then can be used to burn the ISO file to another DVD for further use. Can’t copy DVDs protected by XProject and newer systems of preventing decryption.


Just a little point to make: The Mac version of Handbrake doesn't require you to use another program to break through the DRM. I don't know why this is the case. I've had it explained to me once but I can't remember the exact reason. Either way, yeah, if you own a Mac then Handbrake is all you need!

You're right - as long as your Mac has VLC then Handbrake can rip DVDs just fine. Handbrake just borrows some VLC libraries as needed. Both VLC and Handbrake need to be the same type (32 or 64 bit). I don't know if there is something like this for Windows or Linux, but I know that this is how it works on Mac.

yeah I know nerdfest just said this but it's the same on linux. I never realized you ever had to have anything other than handbrake, but of course I had VLC already installed anyway.

A-ha! That was the explanation I was trying to remember! That's right, it borrowed from the VLC libraries. I already had VLC installed so I personally never had to do anything though. Thanks for jogging my memory!

Jimmy Obomsawin just reminded me that the reason it works is because of some VLC libraries. But just like you, I already had VLC installed so never had to actually take any action.

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