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Another free software not yet killed off by the pressure from DVDFab. It is simple in features and functions, allowing you to bypass security protocols that disable the ability to copy information stored on the DVD. It is able to compress the data from the original disc so it fits nicely where you want it.


I'm just wondering, is there any software out there to convert the ripped contents of a DVD (so basically the VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders) into a single mkv file?

I think Handbrake will handle this, but it will re-encode the MPEG-2 video while ripping into the MKV, which takes some time. I am pretty sure MakeMKV will also do this, without compressing. This means it is a lot quicker, but the files are larger. And by quicker, I mean 5-10 minutes vs 30-90 minutes. One thing to note is that I think both of these programs will make separate files for each "title". If it is a movie, and you only want the main feature, you just rip that and you will have 1 MKV file. If you want all the extras, you will end up with several MKVs. I know there is software to combine these as well, but I have been struggling a little with it, so for now, I leave them separate.

I'm also looking for something that can take the VOB file and make 1 video file out if it... I have several movies that I backed up over the last few years, and would like to make them 1 video file

Sounds like that's what MakeMKV can do. If it can rip a DVD to an MKV file, then why wouldn't it do that for your ripped contents of a DVD? I've never used the program myself, but you should just be able to point it at the parent folder and let 'er rip. If that doesn't work, get a program that will mount a folder as a drive, so it'd be fooled into thinking your folder was a disc drive.

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