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A non-DVDFab creation that operates on the free basis, sustaining itself from the ad revenue. It is a strong DVD and CD ripper, allowing to extract the needed files and creating ISO images. It is also a multimedia converting tool, supporting 25 video, audio and image formats.


Handbrake doesn't even rip DVDs, unless this is a new feature they recently added?

Handbrake can rip DVDs if you have VLC on your computer as well if I recall. (HB can use some of VLC's files to break copy protection or something iirc).

In order to use Handbrake's DVD rip function you have to have VLC player installed in order to use VLC's dvd playback function.

It does, but in my experience it hasn't ever worked well. I just use DVD Decrypter to do the actual ripping to a single VOB and then convert that to whichever format I want using Handbrake.

Funny, I've been using handbreak to rip protected DVD's for years. Hell, I even use it to rip blu-ray discs with AnyDVD HD installed.

I've never tried to rip with Handbrake. I use AnyDVD to rip to disc, then handbrake to encode it to my preferred device.

You must have a different definition of "rip" because I insert a DVD and have an m4v file for my Apple TV 15 minutes later.

It doesn't rip encrypted DVD's (i.e. retail movies). It relies upon a 3rd party to decrypt DVD's. Handbrake is just the transcoder/encoder and really shouldn't be considered a "ripping" utility.

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