Best Lost Odyssey Weapons

Lost Odyssey has been available in Japan since the end of last year. And with this, the creator of Final Fantasy, Hironobu Sakaguchi, is the second time to win the favor of the players. Meanwhile the illustrious troop around the eternal warrior Kaim Argonar has also managed to reach America and Europe. We have accompanied the immortal anti-hero on his four DVD-encompassing adventure - a journey with ups and downs.

Kaim Argonar is the perfect soldier, but his fate is not easy: he is not only condemned to die, but also suffers amnesia. So he does not know how long he has been traveling across the battlefields of the world, nor where he actually came from, or what goals, friends, and memories he once had. In addition, he is plagued by nightmares, of which he initially does not know whether these are mere brain spins or last fragments of his past. But even if these dreams were to represent real events, Kaim wants to suppress them, because they cause him too much pain and grief.

Against the backdrop of a magical industrial revolution accompanied by war riots, he seeks his salvation in the army of a republic, which seems to be his homeland, carries out assignments for people whom he believes to trust. But apparently deceptive and driven by a comrade who shares the same destiny as him, Kaim makes himself get to the point of getting to the bottom of things during a joint engagement and to reveal his past - the beginning of a long and painful odyssey .. ,

What begins as a journey of routines with tormenting questions soon becomes a journey of destiny whose success depends on the prosperity and ruin of whole nations. Intrigues are revealed, friends become enemies, and vice versa. Even private destiny is not enough. At the same time, the protagonist, who seems to be silent and inscrutable, also turns into a suffering and compassionate person, who has seen countless friends, families, and peoples come and go and do not really belong here at all.

Kaim's past is told in traumatic sequences and stories, some of which are dripping with pathos, but also create an incredibly dense and emotional atmosphere.

Despite Amnesia Kaim nightmares plague the events of his past.
Whoever presented the dreams in bulky but loving text form and simply from the pen of the Japanese novelist and screenwriter Kiyoshi Shigematsu, which trigger certain places, persons or situations in Kaim's head, simply deprives the action of any decisive nuances, the Story ultimately give the special spice.

Age of the King
Royal Knight Sword
99 Caliber Magic Rifle
Magic Rifle of Aneira
White Ignis

Way better than the Durandal

Lucent Dragon Discus
Sorcerer's Discus
Phoenix Discus
Gravity Rave
Master Sword
Siderite Sword