Best Rogue Galaxy Weapons

She runs and runs and runs. Xbox and GameCube lie long ago buried. 360, Wii and PS3 are already part of everyday life. But the good old PS2 is still brave. No wonder, still high-profile titles still appear for Sony's long-term burners. Above all, friends of far eastern roller-blades are still supplied on almost no other platform. Can the recently released Rogue Galaxy further expand this prelude?

Jaster Rogue wanted to explore the vastness of the universe as a child. But he has not even come to leave his hometown, which he defends as a huntsman from occasionally invading beasts. Since the occupation of the planet-rich planet by the Longard Federation, however, there is not much to do for him. Until one day a huge monster invades the city and a mysterious unknown bequeathed a legendary sword. Not only does he bring the furious beast to the track, but he is also confused with the real owner of the sword and consequently hired by a group of air pirates. Jaster, of course, can not resist this offer despite obvious confusion and starts a journey through the galaxy, which he has always dreamed of.

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