Best Mac and Me Quotes

A 1988 Merchandise-Driven ripoff of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, commonly regarded as one of the worst Hollywood movies ever made. Shortly after being picked up by an unmanned space probe and taken to Earth, a family of humanoid space aliens escapes from a research lab. They get split up, with the youngest entering a van belonging to the Cruise family (not that one): single mom Janet (Christine Ebersole), 16-year-old Michael (Jonathan Ward), and 11-year-old and wheelchair-bound Eric (Jade Calegory), who are moving from Illinois to California. Of course, it's the youngest kid who discovers the alien first—Hilarity Ensues as the creature's attempts to reunite with his family cause Eric's family to think he's going insane.


A Big Mac

Michael Cruise: You know what I feel like? 
Eric Cruise: A Big Mac? 
Michael Cruise: The man's psychic!


Good point

Janet Cruise: (after seeing that the mess the house was previously in has been cleared up) I can't believe it, the house looks perfect, you cleared up this mess for me?
Michael Cruise: It wasn't us; I mean think about it mom: is this something we would do?
Janet Cruise: Good point.


Well, what are we gonna do?

Courtney: (after Michael tells her that the FBI agents are here in McDonalds) Well, what are we gonna do?
Michael Cruise: I don't know. Just keep him dancing and they'll just think it's a teddy.


Nice teddy bear

Ronald McDonald: Hiya, kid. How's it going?
Eric Cruise: It's fine.
Ronald McDonald: Nice teddy bear. (laughs) 


The house is totally destroyed

Janet Cruise: It's ruined. It's totally ruined.
Eric Cruise: It wasn't me, mom! It was a little creature! I saw it!
Janet Cruise: The house is totally destroyed.
Eric Cruise: What do you want me to say?
Janet Cruise: I don't want you to say anything!


How about a spaceship?

Eric Cruise: (spinning a flower in a soda can straw) Maybe these are just flowers?
Courtney: How about a spaceship?
Debbie: Great.
Michael Cruise: Yeah, and then we have a close encounter of the third kind.


Mac and Me Singer

"Singer: tired of feeling all by myself Being so different From everyone else Somehow you knew I needed your help Be my friend forever I never found My star in the night Feeling my dream was Far from my sight You came along and I saw the light We'll be friends forever CHORUS: I can't face the Thought of you leaving So take me along I swear I'll be strong If you take me Wherever you go I wanna learn the things That you know Now that you Made me believe I want you to take me 'Cause I long to be able To see the things That you see know that whatever you do I'll follow you Somebody must have Sent you to me What do I have You could possibly need All I can give is my guarantee We'll be friends forever Repeat chorus Teach me more in Each passing hour By your side I know I will cower Is it true that You have the power To capture this moment in time Take me wherever you go I wanna learn the things That you know Now that you made me believe I want you to take me 'Cause I long to be able To see the things That you see Know that Whatever you do I'll follow you 


Oh, great idea

Nicolas 'Nick' Martin: Oh, great idea, so where do I dig up a suit of armor? 


Remember big words like Ohio

Phillip Monroe Jr.: Don't tell Mrs. Herman, but he's making me give the answers to the geography quiz. 
Nicolas 'Nick' Martin: Figures. I guess he can't remember big words like Ohio. 


Oh, no way. He's so cute

Michael Cruise: That thing I was telling you about, it's in the teddy suit.
Courtney: Oh, no way. He's so cute.
Michael Cruise: Yeah, real cute. Listen, those guys who are following us, they're here.