Best Let Us Prey Quotes

Policewoman Rachel (Pollyanna McIntosh) is about to leave her first night shift in the neglected police station of a small Scottish nest. For a long time, the place has been a pool for aimless, forgotten and embittered people, who all feel that they really belong elsewhere and that their lives would turn with a little luck for the better. But when the mysterious stranger Six (Liam Cunningham) arrives in the town, everything gets much worse. The man is picked up by the police, but while he is held in the area, he gradually takes control of the minds and souls of all those present and thus transforms the police station into hell on earth ...


This is such a one-horse town.

Dr. Duncan Hume: This is such a one-horse town.
Six: And now it's a pale fucking horse.


People like to blame me,

Six: People like to blame me, but I'm just a witness. The things that I see would make angels weep. And they have wept.


Why bother?

PC. Rachel Heggie: Go to hell!
Six: Why bother? All the devils are here.


This is good?

Six: A friend of mine used to say to me, human sin is as old as the world. And I was supposed to just sit there and watch? We couldn't agree on that one. Fucking semantics! Except I lost, and the loser doesn't get to go home. That's why we're the same, you and me. We're cast out. At least down here we get to do some good.
PC. Rachel Heggie: This is good?
Six: [looks away briefly in the direction of MacReady] In the face of that, what would you call it?


And what did you get?

Ralph Beswick: But there's one thing I can not abide; it's a hypocrite. PC.

Rachel Heggie: How do you explain your presence here this evening, then? Caesar Sargison: [laughing]

Mr. Beswick just got owned! Ralph Beswick: And what did you get? Caesar Sargison: I got to watch! And I got a wicked little story to tell all my friends.


If you were a minority

Caesar Sargison: That's profiling now, Sarge. I'm being negatively stereotyped here.
Sgt. MacReady: If you were a minority, somebody might actually care.


I swear, my Joanne was never that tight

PC. Jack Warnock: I swear, my Joanne was never that tight. Even before she got the kids.
PC. Jennifer Mundie: It's the pelvic floor exercises, babe.


The world is full of evil.

Sgt. MacReady: The world is full of evil. Police stations doubly so.


And that,

Ralph Beswick: And that, my boy, is what we call a nippy sweetie.


What is it with this...

PC. Rachel Heggie: What is it with this f***** town?