Best Martial Arts Movies

All boys in the childhood like cars and fights. Since the 1970s, martial arts movies have become very popular. Especially popular were Chinese and other Eastern martial arts such as kung fu, wushu, and karate. Such popularity has given rise to the whole genre of martial arts movies. It seems very easy to make a list of best kung fu movies. But kung fu is not the only Eastern martial art. In the 70-80s, a whole universe of Chinese cinema was created, based on martial arts films. This universe has brought to us such movie stars as Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Chuck Norris and a lot of others. The whole generation of children grew up in the movies like Police Story or The Way of the Dragon. That’s why we decided to make the list of top 10 martial arts movies of all times to pay tribute to these great movies and actors.



It is definitely one of the top martial arts movies. The plot is concentrated on Ting, who has trained Muay Thai all his life and ready to pass his own way of the warrior. He promises to go to Bangkok and return a statue of Ong-Bak previously stolen from a village by the drug dealers.


The Raid

At my point of view, the best of top 10 martial arts movie is The Raid. Filmed in 2011, it tells us about a typical day of the special tactics officer Rama. He joins elite police squad for a raid on the apartment that serves as an office and home for an influential drug dealer named Tama Riyadi.



This movie is related to the genre of martial arts movies and shows us Japan at the end of the Tokugawa shogunate period. A ronin (samurai without a master) comes to a little village thrilled by the war of two bands. He decided to bring justice to this land and tries to make bands to destroy each other.


A Touch of Zen

This movie belongs to wuxia genre that is one of the genres of Chinese martial arts movies about the adventures of martial artists in ancient China. The story is about painter Gu who falls in love with female fugitive Yang. Together they make a plan how to deceive the headhunted.


Enter the Dragon

At my point of view, it is the best film among top kung fu movies. The acting of Bruce Lee is something incredible. The main action happens in the fighting tournament organized by Khan who is suspected of drug trafficking. Police asks a highly skilled Shaolin martial artist Lee to help them in investigation


The Matrix

The list of top 10 kung fu movies cannot be fair without The Matrix. This movie made a revolution in fiction cinema and showed us a modern vision of kung fu top skills. The Matrix is a story about a dystopian future world where machines enslaved humans, and only The One can save them.


House of Flying Daggers

This film is a real kung fu movie about a group of rebels called House of Flying Daggers because they are extremely skillful with a weapon. Two police officers get a task to kill the unknown leader of rebels in 10 days, but they got involved in series of strange incidents.


Police Story

A famous Hong Kong comedy action film written and directed by the legendary Jackie Chan. All the movies starring Jackie Chan pretend to be an example of perfect karate movies. This one is about Royal Hong Kong Police Force officer Kevin Chan who has to find a witness in a case of big Hong Kong drug dealer.


Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

This incredibly successful movie seems to be one of the best martial arts movies ever. A martial arts master Li Mu Bai leaves his way of the warrior and immerses in meditation. But his ancient magical sword gets stolen by the offenders led by the killer of Li sensei.


Once Upon a Time in China

It is a classic of the kung fu movies. A plot is based on a story of kung fu master Wong Fei-hung who lives in China in the 19th century and has his own martial arts school in Foshan. He doesn’t want to conflict with foreigners who invade his country until his cousin and beloved women 13th Aunt are kidnapped.