Best Feel-Good Movies

What associations do you have with the expression “good movies”? You are right. These are stories that bring bright recollections, positive emotions and enrich your imagination. Every year cinematography presents us priceless films that do not lose their importance and popularity through centuries.

There are moments when we hesitate which film to watch. You are a lucky one as now you can pick the best from the set given below. We aimed to collect the feel-good movies of the different years and genres. The actors are the masters of their job that is why be sure in the high quality of movies. Without any doubts, we need to relax and plunge into the positive and calm atmosphere. It is possible to do with the Mrs. Doubtfire or The Princess Bride, in particular. It is a kind of your duty to get acquainted with these masterpieces of cinematography.


Good Will Hunting

The film is about a genius boy who is talented in Math. The interesting fact that he is self-taught. But Will does not consider it as a priceless gift and keeps working as a cleaner in University. Thanks to this job his life will change incredibly fast. We recommend this one of the top good movies.


Back to the Future

Have you ever dreamed to travel to future or past? Watch this really good movie and find out how to do it. The main character is a teenager who had a chance to travel from 1985 to 1955. It is a time when his parents were students. This summary will invoke you to watch a film.


The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

According to cinematographic data, this is a really good movie. The main plot is based on the novel of Steven King. The life story of the main character will make you nervous that is why this film is very exciting. Do you have any ideas about the essence of its plot?


Mrs. Doubtfire

The main actor of Mrs. Doubtfire is Robbin Williams. This great movie to watch will be interesting both for adults and children. Daniel Hillard is disappointed with his life because he lost a job and broke down with a wife. Nevertheless, he knows how to change the life.



That is American computer-animated comedy movie to watch. Remy is full of enthusiasm young rat that obsessed with a great desire to become a chef. He has a good sense of taste and smell that is why he has all chances to bring his dream to life. But the path to success is not too easy.


The Princess Bride

If to take a list of useful movies to watch, The Princess Bride will occupy one of the first places. Its plot is based on a novel, that is why be sure that it will not be monotonous. The film has a fascinating structure as it is a grandfather’s retelling inside of the story.



Waste allocation load lifter, Earth-class is a creation of Pixar Animation Studios. According to the plot, the earth is not good for life that is why the main hero flies to space and sends robots that will improve the conditions on the planet. We can name it as a happy movie.


The Breakfast Club

This good movie became a new trend in the cinematography for teenagers. The central figures are students of the high school who are punished. Their task is to spend whole weekends in the library and write an essay “Who am I?” Undoubtedly, it is interesting to find out the thoughts of guys.


The Karate Kid

Jaden Smith, Jackie Chan and Taraji P. Henson are in lead roles. This is regarded as one of the best movies to watch for children as it invokes to go in for sport and motivates to be strong. Are you keen on kung fu techniques? If yes, watch The Karate Kid and enjoy.


The Incredibles

This is computer-animated superhero film that will present you good mood. The main characters are the members of the family who have superpowers. Being a citizen of the ordinary town, they have to hide it. Nevertheless, they are responsible for the calm and safety of other people. Enjoy this one of the best feels good movie.