Best Film Noir

The 1950s were hard times of post-war period and the return of Red-Scare time. And there is nothing strange that art genres of this period represent all these feelings in literature and cinema. The 50s gave a start for a famous cinema genre called noir. The main features of the noir films are the dark atmosphere of the movies and a plot based on the crime. One of the main specialties of the noir is suspense, which means a creation of a special state of excitement, anxiety, a tension that is constantly increasing from the very beginning of the movie up to its end. Most of the scenes in the noir movies are night or deliberately darkened and day scenes are hyper contrasting. Developed by such geniuses of cinematography as Alfred Hitchcock, Howard Hawks, Orson Welles and others noir was very popular in the 50’s and became an example of the retro movie


Blood Simple

There are a couple of noir movies which can be considered masterpieces. One of them is noir film Blood Simple that tells us the story of private detective M. Emmet Walsh, lovers Abby and Ray and Julian Marty (Abby's husband) about marital betrayal and contract murder.


The Big Sleep

It is based on the same-named novel and supposed to be one of the best film noir ever. In the center of the plot is a story of private detective Philip Marlowe who gets involved into a series of murders and deceits trying to resolve gambling debts of Carmen Sternwood in order to deal with Carmen`s father – General Sternwood.


Kiss Me Deadly

A mystical detective noir about Los Angeles private investigator Mike Hammer. One evening, on the empty village road, he decided to pick up a pretty stranger Christina, not even expecting what awaits him. The noir film with a complicated plot, unpredictable twists and brilliant actors.


Lift to the Scaffold

It is a standard of film noir movies about lovers and murder. It has all the necessary attributes of the noir film: melancholic sound series, dark tones, complicated chronology and a love story behind a plot. It is a perfect movie to discover a world of noir films for yourself.


The Third Man

One of the best noir films of all times directed by the famous Carol Reed. It tells the story of Holly Martins who was invited for a job by his friend Harry Lime in a Vienna after the end of the World War II. But after arriving Holly finds out that Harry is dead and starts an investigation.


Out of the Past

If you want to understand what is film noir you should watch Out for the Past. It recreates the atmosphere of pessimism, distrust, disappointment, and cynicism typical of Western society during the Second World War and in the early years of the Cold War.


Double Indemnity

One of the best film noir movies of the 50`s. Critics say it is “the most complete, approved and recommended example of film-noir.” The story tells about insurance salesman Walter Neff who gets enchanted by Phyllis Dietrichson. She put him up to kill her husband and get money according to the insurance contract with double indemnity.


Touch of Evil

Touch of Devil seems to be the last really noir meaning film in the classic era of this genre. In 1993 it was included in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as one of the best film noir ever. The plot contains a story of Miguel Vargas, a drug enforcement official, and his wife.



A brilliant film noir detective starring incredible Jack Nicholson. This film is a great example of neo-noir genre that appeared in the 1970`s. A private detective Jake Gittes accept an offer of rich beauty and starts an investigation of a secret love story with her husband and get involved in series of scandals, lawlessness, corruption and hidden machinations.


They Live by Night

This American film noir is a sad story about unfair fate and immortal love. The main character – Bowie, was unfairly sentenced for a crime he didn`t commit. He escapes from prison with two other prisoners and plans to hire a lawyer to prove his innocence. At the same time, he falls in love with Keechie, but they will not have a happy future.