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This easy to use free virus removal program was designed for basic user protection. It features convenient menu navigation and a minimum of settings. This program detects and neutralizes all types of known and new malicious software, as well as web-threats. It also has a convenient module for secure file download.


I'm shocked that anyone here would trust their system after being infected in any way! FORMAT C: is the only safe way. Or you can completely reload the OS. Once a system is infected, you can't trust it. Period.

It doesn't shock me that everyday users feel they can use a program to disinfect their computers. What floors me is that so called IT professionals who's companies livelyhood depends on their information infrastructure trust their system after supposedly removing an infections. If I was interviewing an IT guy who said anything other than reformat and reinstall (or possible re-image), their resume would go in the garbage.

Actually that doesn't always work either, just do a quick search for "rootkits"...those can get past anything and everything...and can infect your bios.

Spoken like a true ignorant boob. There is no single best solution to malware. Arbitrarily reformatting in all cases is ignorant and a waste of time, not to mention that if a root kit is involved it may not clean the system at all.

I've been in IT for 25 years. Your guy are more than welcome to go to all the trouble of wiping your system and reinstalling everytime you get some malware. If you actually know what your doing, you can trust your system after it gets infected with malware. Watch where you browse and what you open and you hardly even need protection. If you do have a problem, one of the many free antivirus along with any two or more of these tools will almost always take care of the problem.

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