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One of the best malware removal tools. The main advantages of this modern high-performance antivirus are nice interface, the ability to create a schedule of operations and free distribution. This tool is very moderate in consuming resources of the PC, allowing to function even on weak machines.


Any infection is like AIDS ... u get one malware ... u get the entire pack ... Instead of getting through all these tools ... Simply use ur common sense and a good partitioning scheme to make a reinstall a breeze :) Happy hunting or rather extincting

I disagree. Many infections are pretty minor and can be easily removed with these tools with no damage afterwards. I mean, yeah, for some, that is the best option, but no need to just do that all the time. Extra work for nothing.

Or you could make an image with norton ghost or a similar program, and then no reinstall's needed, you can reset your system in 5 minutes.

I've gotta go with Combofix too. I haven't used Spybot, but SAS is slower than frozen shit. I don't know enough about registry keys to use HJT (although it makes it easy to remove DNS hijackers) and although MBAM is friggin awesome, paying for it does not unlock real time protection; only scheduled updates and scans. Side note: Avira Antivir has the best free real-time protection.

Good analogy. It would be nice, though, if the contractor you hired to build your house didn't make it a haven for various disease vectors. Typical Linux, Unix, BSD, and even Mac OSX distributions are quite hostile to most malware threats. Hardened versions, used properly, are virtually impenetrable. Using Windows is kinda like painting a few rooms in your house with peanut butter and maple syrup. Malware tools try to fix an infestation problem with poisons and traps.

Avira AntiVir does have the best free protection but no-one likes the forced advert in the update window. It's a pain in the arse, and if I were to decide to buy protection it would be the best, AKA NOD32 anyway!

Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't Safari hacked in under 10 seconds at PWN2OWN? Isn't Safari bundled with the OS? Non-microsoft OSes are used by so few people it makes less sense to write a virus for them. It is the same reason you find less 3rd party software for OSX than on Windows (linux doesn't count, it was made for programmers by programmers, of course there is going to be 3rd party software).

Was thinking because of that, most of these things are from web browsing and what not. Since in Europe Microsoft isn't bundling anything anymore with their OS, doesn't that make them the most secure now in a sense? Lol.

Anybody who says this, or anything like this, is a candidate for remedial computing help. If you're so lazy or clueless as to mess up a Windows system, you'll do the same to any other OS out there, sooner or later, likely sooner. You're the PEBCAK the helpdesk people cringe at. There is no prevention better than that of a savvy user, and they're all too few, whatever OS is up for discussion.

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