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Try this good-looking malware removal tool and you won’t be disappointed. It has many useful features, such as strong malware and ransomware defenses, handy extra features, and little performance drag. It is a great defender against Internet security threats. The effective protection you always wanted. Works on any platform.


I just realized: "FORMAT C: is the only safe way. Or you can completely reload the OS" What os are you using anyway? You can use Format c: and NOT completely reload your OS? I'm wondering if you've actually ever reinstalled a pc (in the last 15 years or so anyway)

You can call me any name you like. I like ignorant boob. If you do the recommended reading about rootkits that ddthesm recommends, you'll find my "opinion" about this to be pretty mainstream if you filter out all sites that hock programs that claim to remove them. If you are so smart besides network and bios and or other firmware reinfection (good point BTW, but pretty unlikely) how does reformatting and reinstalling not get rid of a rootkit? Of course you don't do reformat from inside the infected OS, you use a known good bootdisk to do it. Tell you what, you can screw around trying to get every last piece of malware out of the system and spends hours of time and never be sure if you got it all or I can come reformat the drive and re-image with a good image and be done in less than half an hour.

Let me answer my own smarmy question, you got to wipe the MBR record too. That may or may not happen depending on what you use.

Using good tools properly, assessing the severity of the threat and taking appropriate action is the mark of an IT professional. What your policy of reformat and reinstall for any infection tells me is not that you don't trust the system, but that you don't trust yourself to properly complete the above tasks.

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