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This free virus removal program is recommended for use in situations where other antiviruses are ineffective. It thoroughly scans your computer to find anything that could be a virus, and then deletes it. No installation required. This tool will delete all suspicious files. It is fully automatic, does not require entering any data.


On a side note, what protection software do LH's readers hate! NORTON Because its very big, Integrates badly into fucking everything, meaning not one programme has a chance of running unaffected by it! It on average causes a 32-38% drop in performance. Finally it bought out my old favourite free firewall Sygate Personal Firewall, as it was such a big competition to destroy it by stopping it making updates and recommend Norton. AVG Because it went bloated to hell adding loads of features and forgot to put its time back into its once good detections. Microsoft Windows Defender Because it could be disabled by a 2.4kb virus for over a year of updates! The programme did nothing but give a false sense of security to non-tech savy windows users! ZoneAlarm Because it collected users credit card data for no legal reason!!! And it uses way to much ram to look that childish an application.

Wow no-one in a flaming mood or did I cover all the baddies? I'm shocked not even a smug remark from the Mac/Linux crowd stating their elevation from having to weed out the crud!

I have to disagree with on Norton. The latest versions (2008 and later) are much improved and very good. And I would add Panda to your list because it is slow and its caused BSODs for me.

So I went a had a look at Norton 2009 and it has drastically reduced its overheads, but it still looses quite a lot to ESET NOD32. Also while they release a considerably higher number of updates than other clients to help prevent/detect a zero day infection it is rarely able to fix the file. I don't know what the answer to the best protection is beyond removing your need for it, but I am going to go in search of the most ram efficient protection soon. This is because I buy RAM for Photoshop not a pretty GUI for web protection. Fast ugly effective protection is fine by me!

where is AdAware? strange list..

I agree. Unless it doesn't qualify for some reason, I really don't understand why Ad-Aware isn't on this list. It's always been tops in my boo

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