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Get the best malware removal tool absolutely for free. The program updates databases via the Internet. It is perfect for periodic checking for viruses and thus tracking the reliability of your regular antivirus. Due to its portability, this tool can be run from USB. No installation required. Definitely a must have.


Combination of Spybot S&D and AVG Free on every computer I've ever touched. Have never, and would never, pay for Anti-virus/anti-malware. (Saying that, I've recently been very very impressed by A-Squared Free and A-Squared Hijack-Free, and are using those on my newest machine as an alternative to Spybot. Tend to give false positives on VNC, but at least it's flagging it as potentially dangerous)

The latest AVG is bloated garbage. NOD 32 is much more thorough and catches items AVG misses regularly. Also doesn't use nearly as many system resources. I stopped recommending AVG once they started following Nortons route of bloatware.

AVG is crap since it turned V8 it let my computer get infected twice and it slows your computer to a crawl. (I used V7 on every PC I owned till the update) I managed to identify the infection with Avira AntiVir and remove manually using HijackThis! I now use Avast but I am hearing that Comodo Antivrus has improved a lot thanks to financing off its firewalls success (Which I happily use since Sygate Personal Firewall stopped getting updated) but I may test out on one of my systems! If I went the pay route it would be Kaspersky or NOD32 all the way depending on price and which of the 2 had the winning detection rating at the time!

NOD32 is the only anti* software I pay for. The performance benefits alone are worth the small monetary price.

AVG has always been crap.. first AVG I ever used, after that I didn't use anti-virus for 3 or 4 years. Now i found things like malwarebytes that i dont need running in the background to be protected.

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