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Our list of the best malware removal tools won’t be full without HijackThis. The great features of this utility are the small size and the high speed of operation. You will be able to obtain and analyze information for each detected object and decide whether to delete it or not.


That's why you partition. So when a room in your house becomes infested, you only have to tear apart that room.

This may be a terribly stupid question, but do you know of any good tutorials on partitioning as a form of computer protection. I know how to partition. What I am really looking for is a tutorial on sandboxing (?).

have you taken a look at a free tool called sandboxie? it has really become quite advanced, yet very simple to use. sandboxie.com

Can't speak to how Sandboxie is now, but when I tried it well over a year ago I had to remove it almost immediately. It slowed browsing - and my computer - to a crawl. Perhaps on more powerful setups than mine slowness would not not an issue, or perhaps Sandboxie has since lightened up on exactly how much they lock everything down (imagine a virtual prison where your every click is watched, followed, given or denied permission)..I thought it was a little nightmarish, and way too into its sand-boxing thing, myself.

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