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Free malware removal utility monitors every process and in case of detection suspicious activities stops malicious processes before they cause any damage. It features high-speed scanning systems and advanced techniques of search and removal of viruses. It is a great addition for your PC which will solve many problems.


Being in the IT field I was extremely surprised that SpyBot S&D even made the list. It catches very little, while it does have a host of other useful functions and does work in realtime. I always recommend SuperAntiSpyware and Malware Bytes even though they require the commercial version for realtime protection. The free version of SAS catches everything, I use it in conjunction with Avira to clean an infected system that hasn't been previously protected. I also use ComboFix for hard to find nasties. I see SB S&D winning just because it is free and does realtime. You get what you pay for.

That's a good combination I've used for cleaning before i just added HijackThis. I couldn't live with Avira Though! I think people like Spybot S&D for its tools and Host file inoculation really, as I never used its realtime scanners!

Yeah, I used Spyware S&D a lot until DL the free version of SUPRERAntiSpyware and realizing how much Spybot missed. I ran them back to back for months and Spybot would come back clean every time while the other would always catch something.

the oldest mistake I ever heard, your "you get what you pay for". Have you ever had a computer with Virtumonde and Smitfraud? SpyBot S&D does it! EVERY time! You have to know how to install and you have to have the latest definitions update on your thumb drive. I do virus removal and PC cleanup for a living and SB S&D is a staple - and will remain.

A lot of the newer scanners don't detect or remove older variants of malware, so it is still a vaiable and reliable scanner. (but by no means should it be considered the best of the best anymore)

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