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This reliable malware removal utility finds and deletes all adware, spyware, usage tracks and Trojans, etc. There's an easy mode for beginners, and experts are able to use the advanced mode with its additional settings and tools. This program updates every week with email notifications. It is not fast but still very nice free program you will be satisfied with. 


Am I unusual? I have never had a malware infection on any computer from any internet source. The only malware I've had on a computer in the last 18 years of regular use is a virus from a floppy disk in the mid 90's. I don't scan for AV, spyware, etc but maybe once every few months. I have Windows Defender installed only because Vista comes with it. I don't download software on p2p networks except Open Source ISOs from reliable sources. I check the hash checksums from the original source (ie, ubuntu.com, etc). I use Firefox with NoScript and Adblock, and except sites I visit regularly (like Lifehacker.com), only use the "temporary" whitelist in NoScript.

No, you're just proving the point that it's a user problem, not necessarily a machine problem. Educate the user, problem's solved. Keeping a system clean is really, really simple.

I think malware bytes is the best all around tool but Hijackthis is the most precise and powerful...but only when an experienced person gets their hands on the logs. Also, Combofix is not a "removal tool" is it?

i had the vundo-something virus, which no other antivirus or anything could remove at the time, but ComboFix fixed it in 10 mins, it seems to be the most reliable fixer when i need it.

You people just don't know enuf about SUPERAntiSpyware. If you did you would all be voting for it, way more then the rest!!!

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