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One of the most thorough free malware removals. The program has the functions of full, fast and selective scanning. This allows you to make at least a basic check, if you do not have time to complete a full one. This tool can find and remove more than 1 million different spyware and its components.


I still can't believe Spybot S&D is leading the poll when SAS and Anti-Malware are much better choices.

I think Spybot has been around alot longer and people are going with the tried and true one. I quit using Spybot several years ago. It would ALWAYS say I had "Avenue A" as an infection, but it would never get rid of it. Finally I ran Spybot on a new XP installation that had not been on the internet. Spybot said it had Avenue A. That was it for me.

Oh, exactly the same thing happened to me. The Avenue A thingy, even on a fresh, unused install, one that I hadn't even surfed the Web with yet. Spybot "caught it" many times, on many fresh installs. I started thinking it was crapware, since McAfee antivirus used to do the same thing - always catch two infections that the computer didn't actually have, which was done to make you think the program was doing it's job, therefore you should "trust" it. It is always exactly at the moment that devs start hard-coding programs to consistently deliver false positives that I stop using said programs. I still like Spybot because it offers other useful tools, but I haven't kept a copy on my computer in over a year because it hasn't "caught" anything outside of the phony Ave A thingy in years and the only useful tool it possesses that I don't already have within another program is the one tool I can't stand: the Tea Timer. Like Sandboxie, it's just plain too restrictive.

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