Best Melee Weapon Warframe

Warframe is an f2p cooperative game that allows you to travel through beautiful lands and slay tons of opponents in the process. The player represents Tenno race, that was awakened from sleep to bring peace back to the world of Warframe. Best melee weapon is hard to determine because many of such weapons play a huge part during the gameplay. Having the most useful one will always save the life once the long-range rifles are no longer viable. We have gathered the most interesting pieces of one’s weapon locker and you can choose the best melee weapons Warframe offers at any point of the game.



May this be the best melee weapon in Warframe? Ask someone who loves daggers, and Karyst will most likely be the response you get. A Tenno weapon that has the highest toxin damage stat in-game and also has the highest critical and base damage among all of the daggers.

Galatine prime


Probably the most badass thing among all Warframe weapons. It is a gunblade with two dual-sided blades and a gun installed between these. It can be used as a melee weapon, but a powerful shotgun blast is available when fighting ranged opponents. Great slash damage.


Orthos Prime

Warframe’s best melee weapon for those who love staying mobile. Orthos Prime, the Primed version of Orthos, allows the player to stack quick attacks while moving practically without restrictions. High attack speed, great slash damage and decent range are just the icing on the cake.

Nikana Prime

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Ur guys r doodoo head 3---


Dark Split Sword

Warframe's Dark Split-Sword is one of the unique weapons in the game. It can change its form, depending on the Stance, and deals innate Radiation damage. Two separate sharp blades or one massive double-handed killing machine - it's up to you to decide which one it will become.


Jat Kittag

Probably the best melee weapon Warframe can offer for slaying mobs of enemies. Super high Impact and Blast damage, when the jump attack is used. On top of that, it will stagger all enemies. Few weapons can boast with having higher base damage than this bad boy.