Best Perfumes For Women

It’s been thousands of years since the first perfumes for women were used. Today is only a normal think that a female has to smell good. Not just take shower every day, but really radiate a pleasant scent to the surrounding world. Sure, no one would punish a girl who does not wear a perfume, but her chances of getting attention would be reduced. It is way more pleasant to have a conversation with a girl who actually smells good and it is sometimes the key point of whether the companion likes spending time with her or not.

People realized the importance of such thing and trained perfumers were getting the extracts of various plants and flowers, oils from fruits etc. As the time passed, more and more exquisite glass flacons of pure smell were introduced to the world. Today’s choice of the top women perfumes is very hard due to personal tastes, different scents, intensity and much more. Imagine a man buying perfumes as a present for his wife. His head is on the verge of blowing up every time. We have decided to make life a bit easier and this is the list of the best perfumes for women.

There are thousands of brands, spread all across the world and each of it is full of unique perfumes that can match any taste. Top-class names are all included in the list, waiting until you rank them in the way you like. Which are the best perfumes for women in your opinion? Take a look and pick only worthy of your attention. Do not forget to leave a comment which explains your choice and advice for others who want to try the specific brand. And remember, smelling good is not an obligation, but a privilege.


Paradise Fragrance (Roberto Cavalli)

Paradise Fragrance by Roberto Cavalli is the scent, which perfectly complements the list of the best perfumes for women. It exists where is no room for anxiety and fatigue. Feminine and sensual, Paradise Fragrance helps women feel self-confident and desirable. The bottle resembles precious stone; it greatly suits the perfume.


Hugo Women

Hugo Women have been remaining among top women perfumes since the beginning of the production until this day. The company offers various kinds of fragrances. Everybody can find here a dream perfume – both those who love the classic black dress and who are always in search of an escape from monotony. Hugo Woman is distinguished by its high quality and accordance to modernity.


Aerin Rose de Grasse Centifolia

Aerin Rose de Grasse Centifolia is one of the best perfumes for women in the world. Its creators were inspired by roses, perfect and sophisticated in their kind. White and gold bottle of the perfume looks so elegant that it could become an irreplaceable decoration of your dressing table. The fragrance reveals during the day. Its first notes are musky, and later you will feel the smell of roses.


Da Parfum Frederic Malle

Da Parfum Frederic Malle became the new word among the best perfumes for women. The brand loudly announced about itself, offering far from classic fragrances. It is usually chosen by the same kind of women – brave, faithful to themselves, who do not want to stay within rules and customs. For the first time, attitude towards Frederic Malle perfumes was biased, but now there is no sense to deny their apparent popularity.


Marni Spice Eau de Parfum

It is impossible to describe Marni Spice Eau de Parfum, one of the top women perfumes, in a few words. It is playful and intense, spicy and ethereal. Its versatility is created due to the mix of flower and spice scent. This is a special fragrance, which can be used as a unisex and for any event, both fun party and meeting with a business partner. If you like Marni Spice perfume, it will emphasize the very side of your nature you want to show.


Elie Saab Le Parfum Eau de Toilette

List of the best perfumes for women could not do without Elie Saab Le Parfum Eau de Toilette, a sensual fragrance, the muse to create which was the sun at different times of the day. Those who use it, note the high persistence, which remains on cloth even after washing. Its unforgettable trail becomes a calling card of a woman who loves Elie ab Perfume.


Diana Vreeland Eau De Parfum

Diana Vreeland Eau de Parfum leads the list of the best perfumes for women that emphasize elegance. It is the choice of luxurious ladies with a strong will. All perfumes of this brand are distinguished with high odor persistence and rich sound, which starts to reveal with warm notes, gradually turning to seductive and passionate. Those fragrances cannot be forgotten, just like women who love them.


Jo Malone Tudor Rose & Amber Cologne

Jo Malone Tudor Rose & Amber Cologne belongs to top women perfumes, it is the fragrance of aristocracy. Its magnificent and at the same time composed scent is not suitable for a frivolous girl. It is a symbol of pride and greatness, which is created for a real lady. Rose fragrance is woven into overall composition, you can feel it not immediately; it comes to the velvet surface of cloves, ambergris, and musk.


Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney is undoubtedly one of the best perfumes for women, which conquer us with its luxury elegance. It suits not everyone because the fragrance requires from its proprietress self-confidence, ease, and a great sense of style. It leaves an unforgettable trail, which fully accords to the spirit of the woman who wears it.


Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet

Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet is a fresh, vivacious composition designed like a dress embroidered with a thousand blossoms. This floral bouquet pays tribute to Christian Dior's legendary love for flowers. At its heart is the tenderness of a peony and Damascus rose accord tailored by radiant Calabrian bergamot. Its poetic lingering scent is edged with white musk lace. A floral springtime signature for a joyful, charming Miss Dior.


Annick Goutal Eau De Toilette

Annick Goutal Eau de Toilette holds a high position among top women perfumes. The brand, founded by a beautiful ballerina, offers unforgettable sophisticated fragrances, so harmonious, that you even do not notice when one note smoothly flows into another, like graceful dance movements. Perfumes, created for a narrow circle of connoisseurs, were able to gain wide popularity due to their unique compositions.


Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline

Bvlgari introduced the original Omnia fragrance in 2003. Omnia is a spicy oriental by perfumer Alberto Morillas, and marries spices with trendy gourmand notes like tea, chocolate and almond while managing to be neither heavy nor overly foody. It smells like a nicely spiced wood scent, very sheer, very modern. It is one of my favorites from Bvlgari, and makes a great, nearly year-round woody comfort fragrance.