Top Worst Cars

Cars are not just a means of facilitating people's lives, but also a reflection of good taste, society status and the indicators life style. History abounds in excellent examples of cars that are real masterpieces. But it also abounds in their total opposites, the failures of car-making industry. Top 10 worst cars show that bad moments can happen to any manufacturer and in any car-class.

Ford Mustang
Toyota Prius
Fiat Multipla

Pontiac Aztek

Being produced by Pontiac, starting form 2001, this car is a disgrace both for the factory and for all the designers in person. When cost-cutting demands, an attempt to go ahead of time, and lack of imagination are paired up, this horrible hybrid is what you get.

REVAi (G-Wiz)
Dodge Neon
Plymouth Acclaim
Honda Civic
Austin Maestro
Austin Montego
BMW Brutus
Ford Taurus
Fuso Rosa
Ford Thunderbird
Tata Indica
Ford GT
Rover CityRover
Mitsubishi i-MiEV
PT Cruiser
Toyota Camry

1974 Ford Mustang II

This car was created during the bad period of Ford factory, when it suffered from crisis on all levels: labor, gas shortage ,finances... Ford Mustang II was designed as an attempt to make a cheap alternative to the famous 1964 Mustang. And they succeeded. Terrible engine, bad steering, flimsy suspension are only a few problems it suffered from. It was, indeed, a cheap, worthless, third-rate wreck.


Chrysler K-Car

Produced in the time of crisis in the factory, under the leadership of Lee Iacocca, fired from Ford, this creation is nowhere near its high-quality predecessors, that made Chrysler famous. Low-cost engineering, poor construction and a failed attempt to imitate its brilliant cousins provoked numerous critics, and contributed to its placing on the list of the worst.


Saturn Ion

This faceless car was created to catch up with the small Asian cars, but hardly will it succeed. Apart from comfortable and nicely designed interior, the only praise worthy characteristics, it seems that everything else on this is car a mistake. Starting problems depending on the outside temperature, the worst steering ever, tachometer problems, turning off problems…are the reasons this car is not up to its task.


Ford Pinto

This eyesore which causes laughter is a major failure of Ford. Wherever it was possible plastic was used instead of metal, and its major problems were the ones with fuel tanks which is why it has a reputation of an easily flammable car.Bad engineering and striving to make it a cheap car resulted in its getting famous for the explosions and rare-end fires.


Chevrolet Vega

The car which will make the mechanics your best friends and their studios your homes. Drivers claim this car is the worst car ever produced by GM. Why? The list is too long : rusty sills, poor breaks, weak wipers, aluminum engine, great oil usage… Avoid it!



According to some estimations, every seventh vehicle on the roads of the post-II-World-War East Germany was this legendary car. The first one came out of the factory in Zwickau in Saxony in1957. Imagined as an equivalent of Volkswagen Beetle, this poor thing was produced from cotton waste mixed with phenolic resin and pressed by the vehicle body. Its most recognizable features are: a tractor-like engine sound and the stink of exhaust gas which is a result of mixture of gasoline and oil. The ugliness of this car is witnessed in the case of an engineer- Grim Godal who was sentenced to a fine of one thousand pounds after the neighbors had sued him for ‘visual pollution’ of the environment with his large collection of Trabants.



A poor attempt of imitating Italian Fiat 124 ended up in creating this monster. Lada comes from Samara, an area in Soviet Union. Its weak brakes, honking sound, simple DIY mechanics and its short-term rusty materials in a way match the breakdown of the communist system that was in progress at the time of its creation.



"Buy Yugo – it does not last long" was one of the anecdotes from the 80’s, which is not far from truth. Yugo comes from Zastava, a factory in ex Yugoslavia, and its concept is based upon Fiat 127. Those who were “lucky enough” to own it complained of problems with motor and steering, stereo and floor ... the problems with almost all the parts of the car. Not to mention that it can be opened with a coin. But the question is whether anyone wants to steal it .

Ford Edsel
Lada Riva
Peel Trident
DeLorean DMC-12

Volkswagen Beetle

One of the best-selling and most popular cars of all time, had to get on this list because of its often visits to the repair shops. Weak engine, bad brakes, problems with the windshield washers and defogging system, and ventilation system that draws gases back into the cabin are just some of the reasons why this car should be avoided.