Best Steam Skins

If you are bored with the mundane look of your Steam client, there are lots of options to make it more unique. Come up with new a fashion statement for your game library by installing the best steam skins, the most popular choices for which we have already prepared for you. We offer ten top-notch variants. That's right; you don’t have to settle for the classic black and white color scheme. Let's use the whole spectrum of modern innovations and make gaming an even more exciting activity.

The process of installing these is as pie. You directly download the files and drop them in your Stream directory. After that, you can choose from the variety of options that appeal to you. The new design of your Steam will work wonders because it will be a feast for the senses. Remember, if clothes make the man, perfect Steam skins make the cool gamer.


Metro Skin

Metro for Steam is one of the most popular designs. It is like a new coat of paint. With its abundant options for customization and grid views, this one is fancied by many gamers. You can also choose the background decal and use preferred selections.


Digitally Unmastered

Being remarkably different from other styles, Digitally Unmastered Steam skin looks like a layout from the computer mind, with its binary code numbers. It is an ideal style for Matrix fans. Digitally Unmastered is well worth the download if you want to make your gaming platform look slick with those ones and zeroes.


Minimal Steam UI V3

For those in favor of minimalistic conventional designs, this minimal UI is a good option. It puts the emphasis on clarity with standard black and white tones for texts. It doesn't have a lot of customization options, but it is one of the best Steam skins for people who prefer elegantly brushed metal colors.


Old Flat Green

If you sometimes feel nostalgic for those good old days when the Steam skin was traditional and straightforward, Old Flat Green is your best choice. Its available spectrum of army green and khaki tones will definitely take you back to the pre-2010 days. Who said that time machines don't exist?


Blue Pulse

If you adore playing games in total darkness, Blue Pulse will create ideal conditions for your eyes. Blue is the softest color to look at, and it will create a cozy aura. The layout is mostly the same as in other traditional Steam skins, but the new coloring is delightful.



If you are fond of the color black and you like bold Steam themes, Pixelvision is a must-try. Easy and noticeable main buttons and a combination of black and dark blue create the ideal atmosphere for hardcore gamers. Vivid, eye-catching pop-ups stand out from the background, enabling users never to miss important notifications.



Quite similar to the default layout, Plexed is one of the best Steam skins for those who adore neat, easy to use styles. Classy designs will always be in fashion, and that adage is proved by the increasing popularity of Plexed among PC gamers.


Pressure 2

The new, outstanding version of Pressure 2, as well as the original one, is a wonderful mix of several elegant and business styles. This Steam skin has used the basics of Google's Material Design, with a couple of original ideas thrown in for good measure, to make a new version of Pressure.


Steam Customizer

If your creative mind is not satisfied with the subtleties of any of the mentioned options, there is an excellent opportunity to become a “real” developer and come up with own Steam themes. You can use the basic editing functions to create those. Choose your style and characteristics, download the file with a mere click and enjoy the new visuals.


Air Skin

If you are fond of minimalistic ideas, the latest version of Air for Steam will surely get your attention. It has a light, breezy, "airy" design. Whenever you sit at your computer and look at those soft light blue colors, you may plunge into the gaming world with a relaxed mind. Perfect for pwning noobs.