Best Cases For Your Next PC Build

Tired of browsing the net searching for the best PC cases? Then, you'd better look at options presented here. They will definitely appeal to you. Don't be hasty when making the final choice, however, because this an item will have influence the visuals and performance of your computer. It determines how easy it will be to install the system, which components may be used, and finally, it affects the way your PC performs with gaming tasks.

We have chosen the best computer cases which vary in size, color, price, and major functions. You can easily read short descriptions for each of these items and find out information about all the necessary details. Take a gander at the following options which were carefully selected by those who conducted thorough research, so that you will be able to opt for the most suitable case for your PC. There’s only one piece of the puzzle left – we need to find out which one’s best.


Riotoro CR1080

You don't have enough space in your room to place all the tech stuff, do you? Then Riotoro CR 1080 is the perfect choice for you. It is one of the smallest computer cases currently on the market. It has a powerful cooling system, and a sleeker, better-organized setup process. Its small size definitely doesn't make it less powerful.


EVGA Hadron Air

This budget-friendly computer case has a perfectly engineered cooling system which can also be upgraded to include extra fans. Users who have bought this case on a whim are most likely pleasantly surprised by its compact size and efficient power supply. You will also receive a cute accessory box with all the necessary equipment as well as company stickers for your PC.


Phanteks Enthoo EVOLV ATX

This all-aluminum computer case attracts customers who love classy, minimalistic designs. The basic features include retractable radiator bracket, convenient cable management, an advanced cooling system, and 3x modular 3.5'' HDD slot. And this is not even the half of options on offer, which is why this product is so popular on the market.


Phanteks Enthoo Pro

Being available in classic black and white as well as unusual green color, Phanteks tries to keep up with the ever-growing reputation of its Enthoo Primo. This innovative computer case is suitable for those who want to buy a powerful case with all the necessary inclusions for a reasonable price.



The impressive NZXT H440 will amaze you with its sturdy construction. The case is capable of lifting itself to facilitate airflow. This computer case is compatible with motherboards of all relevant form-factors: Mini-ITX, ATX, and Micro-ATX. If necessary, you may even set up an additional water cooling system.


Cooler Master MasterCase Pro 5

Elegant MasterCase Pro 5 is proof that appearances can be deceptive. Despite its aesthetic design and thin construction, the technology contained within this case is quite sophisticated. It has a modular extendable exterior which opens up new opportunities for your computer. Cooler Master’s motto is displayed in full force here: "Customize, Upgrade, and Adjust."


Cougar QBX

If you can't live without modern 4K video games but none of the best computer cases have the necessary leeway as well as space for GPUs, Cougar QBX will come in handy. This stylish compact product is a must-have for gaming enthusiasts who enjoy working with powerful equipment.


Fractal Design Define R5

Are you an avid fan of tech breakthroughs? Well, then Fractal Design may have something exciting to offer you. It is one of those PC cases that bring about new design philisophies. This one is a completely new item in the popular Define series. Its cutting-edge sound absorbing technique will not leave you indifferent.


Corsair Graphite 760T

When switched on, Corsair computer cases look like real monsters, ready to gobble someone up. Two huge front fans are just an indication of things to come; there's an immeasurable force inside this case. This particular model shows off its inner components via transparent side panels. This case both looks and performs like a charm!


Fractal Design Node 804

The core advantages of Node 804 are evident. It has a perfectly working cooling system and depth of customization options. Having a restrained Scandinavian design, this best computer case uses its conveniently made compartments to provide airflow around the motherboard, processor, and video card. You will wonder at how easy it can handle the installation of several video cards.