10 Best Engagement Ring Designers

Brides are often spellbound by a gorgeous engagement ring. It communicates to them the love and dedication of their partner. That is why it is important to select the best engagement ring that will suit your spouse to be. The anticipation and awe of that moment when you engage your fiancé, is one that will stay with you for a long time. You will have memories that will last a lifetime and she will be gushing to everyone, about her lovely designer engagement ring. Many have trusted these top ten best engagement ring designers, because they consistently deliver rings which are simply exquisite and a cut above the rest. The ring designers have continually delivered top quality cut, choice of precious stones and diamonds. They also have a wide range of 14 to 18K gold and diamond rings. These are some of the most popular options for couples the world over.


Jeff Cooper

With over 40 years of experience, Jeff Cooper offers up an array of the best engagement rings that will take your breath away. His handcrafted named pieces will make any woman feel like a princess on her engagement day. Their rings backed by the guarantee personal inspection by Mr. Cooper himself.


Cartier Rings

Designer engagement rings are well sorted after and at the top of the jewelry designers list is Cartier. Their rings are the perfect classification of luxury and exclusivity. They offer high-end pieces that are true beauties. Some of their popular options include the famous solitaire classic, Cartier Destine, the graceful Etincelle rings and Trinity Ruban collections.



When you are looking quality Venetian, Partisan and Insignia rings, then Verragio is the place to shop for the designer engagement rings. They allow you to customize the ring of choice that will suit your bride to be and offer a multiplicity of options that will meet your needs. The company is headed by Barry Verragio.


Tiffany & Co. Rings

Talk about the designer engagement rings to capture the passion and promise of your special union. These ultra special pieces are a favorite of many people, and will continue to radiate in both the heart and hand of your fiancé. Tiffany & Co. gives you the option of rings to match your preference, from classic to contemporary.


Tacori Rings

They are proud to be Blue Diamond partners, offers gorgeous, certified diamonds and fine jewelry. They offer a wealth of knowledge and expertise in providing lovely and resplendent rings. Tacori offers a wide variety of options. This family-owned engagement ring designs have been around since 1910 and are located on Long Island, New York.


Harry Winston Rings

Shopping for cushion, belle, pear or oval engagement ring designs, then Harry Winston has a great many varieties to choose from. Whether it is the Winston blossom diamond, a solitaire, round or cushion cut diamond; they have the ultimate expression of love that you need. They emphasize presenting the best diamond or emerald in the perfect platinum setting.


Michael B

Infinity, pave, pear, diamond twist or braided engagement ring designs are all on over at Michael B ring designers. They offer beautiful custom-made rings that will stun and make your engagement an even more blissful and love-filled occasion. These delicate designs are worth keeping for a lifetime and will certainly be cherished forever.


Charles & Colvard

This brand is certainly worthy of making any jewelry designers list. They specialize in creating and offering Moissanite ring designs that are of a very rare mineral. Charles and Colvard also offer a Forever One lifetime guarantee on their stones, which have been optimized for the most excellent clarity, cut and brilliance.


Bulgari Rings

The Fire and brilliance of engagement ring designs are certainly on offer at this top store. Their lovely bridal and engagement ring selection is certain to take your breath away. You will not go wrong in choosing a piece from any of their collections. They commemorate the joining of two souls and infuse the lasting significance in every ring design.


David Yurman

This top designer of best engagement rings offers diamonds in a signature cut that presents a most brilliant face and elegant curves. Their craftsmanship ensures that every authentic diamond sparkles. They have more than 32 stores all over the world and they are headquartered in the busy New York City. David Yurman founded this successful business in 1980.