Best-Selling Consoles

Lots of gamers are dreaming about buying the best selling console ever. Modern devices for playing have so many different technical characteristics that it has become more and more difficult to choose only the best one. But don't worry, we will help you to do the right choice.

We offer the top 10 list of the best selling gaming devices which conquered the world in different periods of time. Although several of them are pretty old regarding technical improvements, they have lots of enhanced modern successors available in stores and the Internet sites. Some of them have become a significant part of the history of technological development. Do you remember this original version of PlayStation? Although it is not that quick as the newest PlayStation 4, it was a real breakthrough of its time. In this article, we will talk about consoles which made a difference in the virtual world of games.


Nintendo 64

Everyone can find something in the world of Nintendo for themselves because this Japanese company has been creating bright fantasy worlds for over thirty years. Nintendo 64 was among leaders of selling at the beginning of XXI century. However, at that time this device didn't outpace PlayStation in the rating of the best consoles.


Nintendo DS

This bestselling device offers a whole new attitude to games. On the screen, you can see the gameplay and simultaneously open the map or the view of another character. Or you can use the second screen to embrace the full picture of fierce battles with bosses.


Game Boy/Game Boy Color

Approximately 700 games were created exclusively for Game Boy and Game Boy Color. Their most popular types of games are about Pokemon. This devices were the best in Nintendo console sales. However, when the company released a new version Game Boy Advance, these two series became not so popular.



The original version of the world-known PlayStation was a huge boom in the gaming world. It was the best console at the beginning of our century. However, as the time passed by, more and more technologies appeared, and now the original Play Station cannot be compared with its cutting-edge successors.



Wii is the console of the seventh generation. It has an innovative game controller "Wii Remote." It is the best selling console of all time according to various statistical data. The console can be placed either in the vertical (here it can be fixed in a special stand) or in a horizontal position.


PlayStation 3

The switching capabilities of PlayStation 2 are wide enough. It is significant to note that instead of a traditional TV, you can connect a PC monitor to PS2, which can show graphics more qualitatively. This version is one of the top selling consoles among PlayStation devices.


Game Boy Advance

The best selling console Game Boy Advance was released in 2003. Its initial price was $99,99, but then the cost was reduced to $79,99. The device has backlighting which can be turned in and off with one button. The controllers are convenient for the game, so that your heroes can move with the greatest precision.


Nintendo 3DS

The minimalistic design and sophisticated technical elements make Nintendo 3DS one of the best consoles of all time. Now you can easily play all the modern games of the new generation and enjoy the speed of the device. It has the improved iron and additional controls, as well as the enhancement of the stereoscopic effect.


Nintendo Entertainment System

The so-called "Family Computer" was on the top of its popularity between 1980 – 1990. It was one of the best selling game consoles of that time. The device appeared with a considerable amount of games such as Super Mario Bros. Since that time Mario has become a real mascot for the Nintendo company.


PlayStation 2

With PlayStation 2 you have a possibility of simultaneous playing of 2-4 people on one system. Thanks to these best selling consoles the gameplay is captivated by realistic graphics, which is well complemented by high-quality stereo sound. The game controller is equipped with a vibration system DualShock2, which gives the special gameplay precision!