Best Gaming Mouse Pads

If you have already equipped your room with a powerful PC, desk, a super comfortable chair, downloaded the most exciting games, what else do you need to create an ideal environment before starting the game? We have a clear answer for this. The last but not least equipment for your workspace is stylish and functional gaming mousepads. If you haven't paid attention to this product before because it is considered to be kind of decoration, you'll be shocked to find out how useful this item can be! Thanks to modern technologies, mouse pads can have so many functions that after you try it, you won't imagine your life without it. Do you need extra backlighting, charger for the mouse, smooth surface? This and much more other functions are available today. Read the following article about the best mouse pads which will become an ideal supplement for your workspace.


Corsair Gaming MM300

MM300 is a guarantee of longevity and stability which are created due to unique materials. This best mousepad is an ideal surface for Corsair computer mouse. Unless you have this, it is still convenient for any other types of mouses. Also, the compacted edges of the pad protect from the inevitable delamination of the surface.


Razer Firefly Chroma

If you can't choose between the design and the technical characteristics, you need a Razer mousepad. It has a micro-textured surface, and it is customized for the prompt response in the game and accurate movements of your hand. Even during the most intense game fights, you will come out the winner.


Castle Moat

For those who adore beautiful pictures, the Castle Moat is a great option. The colors are natural, especially the realistic view of the sunrise. The surface is soft to touch, and it won't peel or crack. The picture will not fade but remain vibrant. This gaming mouse pad is perfectly designed for your computer mouse.


ROCCAT Alumic Double-Sided

Each side of the SteelSeries mouse pad has individually structured surface. It is suitable for both high-speed and high-precision control. It is made of aluminum, and this material proves to serve long and stable. Also, there is a comfortable gel cushion which will create a relaxing place for your hand.


ROCCAT Hiro 3D Supremacy Silicone

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." Probably, da Vinci meant the ROCCAT best gaming mouse pad. It is just black, but its characteristics are excellent. 3D vulcanized silicon provides total speed and control. It also has no-fray edges and super-quiet gliding. Only the most advanced materials are used to make this pad ideal for your mouse.


Razer Goliathus Extended Gravity Edition

With the Razer extended mouse pad, you can have a soft surface for the keyboard as well. It is optimized for sensitivities and sensors thanks to anti-slip rubber base. Now you can have total control over your in-game process. Targeting has never been more precise!


Turtle Beach Large Traction

The Turtle Beach company knows how significant the maximum control of the game is. The anti-slip rubber base gives this best mouse pad extra stability. You can choose between four sizes so that it will suit your desktop. If you take the wide type, there will be a place for both keyboard and mouse.


Razer Manticor

The Razer Manticor gaming mouse pads demonstrate a new level of unique design and technology. It is made of aluminum which provides an incredibly smooth slide for your gaming mouse. The surface has a special coating that gives absolute accuracy and smooth movement of the mouse.


Razer Vespula

If you buy the Razer best gaming mouse, you may choose which of the two surfaces are more suitable for the particular type of the game. There is a stand which is capable of adapting to the shape of your hand. This brush stand is designed to reduce fatigue after long hours of gameplay.


Logitech G Powerplay

Does charging your mouse bother you? If yes, Logitech has a great offer for you. With their best selling Logitech gaming mouse pad, your mouse will be charging just by putting in on the pad. If connected to the PC, the pad generates an electromagnetic field which is converted into electricity to charge the batteries.