Best Android Phones 2017

Today in the epoch of great technological development, we have the opportunity to use different gadgets that make our life easier. Let’s talk about the best Android phones. There are moments when it is troublesome to choose from hundreds of variants one that will be appropriate according to different aspects.

Do not worry about it! You have a unique chance to use our rank and pick the best gadget for you. It goes without saying that it is annoying to read long and boring technical characteristics of the smartphone. That is why we offer you a brief overview of the aspects that are integral while choosing the phone. We have collected the most popular and up to date gadgets that are best sellers on the worldwide markets. Be sure in the precise and credible data. Hope our investigation will bring you use. Another key thing to know is that the quality of the best Android phone depends on the rank place.


Huawei Mate 10 Pro

That one of the best Android smartphones is available in three colors: midnight blue, titanium grey, and mocha brown. 4000mAh is the nominal battery capacity that will give you an opportunity to use your phone all day without extra charging. It has dual sim support that will break all tariff restrictions. We recommend it.


Google Pixel 2

Admittedly, we know Google as a search system. Nevertheless, today we can use another product of this powerful corporation. According to the testimonials, this android phone is perfect as it has a metal body with a matte premium hybrid coating. Moreover, one of the biggest advantages is its water resistance. This smartphone will please you.


LG V30

Perhaps, somebody will say that it is the best Android phone 2017. It goes without saying that revolutionary camera and a stunning 6-inch HDR OLED Full Vision display deserves to be tested. Moreover, two analog mics with the phone’s receiver will improve sound clarity. This phone will provide you with Google Assistant – intelligent personal voice support.


Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus

Do you like to listen to music? We want to present you one of the best devices that guarantees the highest quality of sound. According to characteristics, this top android phone has the revolutionary design and interface that cannot be compared with other smartphones. It will remove all boundaries.


Sony Xperia XZ Premium

How do you think, what are the best phones of 2017? From the wide range, we should choose one that will meet all our wishes and expectations. Sony Xperia XZ Premium can be a good choice. According to a survey, this brand is in great demand in different countries. Learn more about it.



Developers called this flagman as “good-looker.” The 5.7-inch screen is super sharp, with a 1,400-pixel resolution and 565 PPI. Moreover, this new Android phone will give you a unique chance to use two back cameras. We invoke you to read more about this device. Be sure of its multitask platform.



We ensure you that it can be the best Android smartphone. It was launched in May 2017. Speaking about a screen, it should be mentioned that HTC U11 has a 5.50-inch touchscreen display. Undoubtedly, it will provide you with the high quality and resolution of the picture. The phone is resistant to water and dust.


OnePlus 5T

We can state that it is a new brand in the modern markets. You will be pleasantly surprised with its industrial aluminum unibody design. In comparison with other smartphones, OnePlus 5T is not expensive. For this price, you won’t find a better display and interface. This is the best gadget for gameplay.


Google Pixel 2 XL

It was released in October 2017. The blending of glass and aluminum creates a perfect design of the Google Pixel 2XL back. Pay attention that it can be one of the best phones with the 12-megapixel camera. It will provide you with the high quality photos and videos. That smartphone deserves your attention.


Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Are you looking for Android phones? It is a product of the Samsung Electronics company. It takes seventh place in the range of Note class. Moreover, it has the biggest screen from this series. Nevertheless, it is very comfortable to handle Samsung Galaxy Note 8 despite its big size.