Best Android apps of 2017

Are you ready to find out the best Android apps? We aim to inform you about the newest and updated programs that will enrich your phone. It goes without saying that when we buy a phone, it already has the set of essential applications. Nevertheless, the perfection is limitless. We offer you to cast a glance at the information below.

You have a chance to get acquainted with the best apps for Android, in particular, Google Drive Suite, 1Weather, Pocket Casts, and many other. Nowadays, we should be well-armed with the programs that will make our life easier. Now you know how to act if you got lost or hesitate about the weather. All that you need is to install necessary programs and enjoy your life. Be sure that we have collected applications that are free and available in different languages. Hope it will bring you joy and use. Let your gadget be unique.


Solid Explorer

It features Material Design, archiving support for the most popular cloud services and even some more power-user stuff like FTP, SFPT, WebDAV, and SMB/CIFS. Another key thing to highlight is that you can have 14-day free trial. We ensure you that your phone needs this one of the coolest Android apps.



We ensure you that this application will provide you with a true weather forecast, radar, and other essential statistics. The pleasant fact is you will get free widgets and the standard stuff like severe weather data. That is a type of “must have Android apps.”


Google Drive Suite

Google Drive Suit includes Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Photos, Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Keep. You cannot find a better place for the data storage. Each user has the vacant memory for free upon signing up. You will be pleasantly surprised with the variety of features of this top app for Android.


Google Maps

Are you afraid of getting lost? We recommend you this the best Android app that will prevent you from such troubles. Google Maps has the list of essential features that are updated weekly. It provides you with quick access to different places despite your location. You can lean on this app.


Google Assistant

Now you have a chance to have your assistant. We ensure you that this cool Android app can cope with multitasks, in particular, it can do math problems, inform you about different statistics, etc. Moreover, you can download Google Assistant for free. Do not hesitate and install it!


Google Play Music

If you are fond of music, you would rather have this one of the best apps. It will give you an opportunity to listen to your local files or music online. Moreover, feel free and download educational videos, reviews, and a whole lot more. Enjoy your life without limitations.


LastPass Password Manager

We keep informing you about the best apps for Android. LastPass Password Manager is an integral part of your gadget. It has a cross-platform support that is why you can use it on PC and other devices. The main essence of its work is to secure and keep your passwords in a safe way.


Nova launcher

That is an updated version of the ordinary launcher for your gadget. We are intended to say that it is one of the best android apps 2017. It includes the ability to backup and restore your home screen setups and more. Install this one of the best Android apps 2017.


Pocket Casts

Undoubtedly, Pocket Casts will be your best friend while managing tasks and downloading different files. It has updated interface that makes it easy to use. We convince you that it is one of the best paid Android apps that will be synchronized with your thoughts.


Express VPN

Express VPN was developed to keep your device in safety. Express VPN is fast and trusted a brand that will secure all your private data. This one of the top Android apps is available in 78 countries. Be sure that it is easy to use, so do not be afraid and install it.