Best Texting and SMS apps for Android

Communication is an integral part of life. Every day we interact with people and share information. In the epoch of technological development, we have various ways how to keep in touch despite location; and one of the well-spread methods is to send a message. But how to choose the best Android messaging app? Keep calm, as you have a chance to get acquainted with the applications that will make your communication unlimited. Feel free and read the information that is related to the main features and options of the messengers, in particular, you can evaluate their interface and design. Be sure that the data is based on the relevant technical characteristics of the apps. Moreover, you can find out which programs have free installation. We hope that our rank will help you find the best texting app. Decide which aspect is the best for you and pick an appropriate application. Let your phone be unique!



Your gadget deserves this the best texting app Android. It is the most developed program that has numerous options and features. Forget about limitation with YAATA SMS as it supports SMS, MMS, and other types of messages. Moreover, you will have auto-responder and auto-forwarding. You will not regret having this application.


Chomp SMS

We recommend this the best messaging app. You will be pleased with the variety of themes and easy interface. You can organize your contacts in different ways. Moreover, thanks to this app, you can make your conversation diverse. You can use such feature as to block the message or contact.


Facebook Messenger

It is one of the most trusted and well-spread application. But we cannot say that it is the best texting app for Android and other OS. The main reason is that it uses a big part of RAM, storage, and battery. Nevertheless, you will not have problems with its interface.


Handcent Next SMS

It is considered as the best messaging app for Android as it has a big range of features that make your communication easier. You have the opportunity to save chats, block contacts, and create the dialog boxes for quick access. So, the program has numerous advantages.


Mood Messenger

In comparison with other messengers, this is the newest one. Nevertheless, it will be useful for everyday chatting, as it doesn’t have advertisement and complicated settings. You can send and get GIF-files. So, we can say that it is the best texting app. Do not hesitate and try it.


Pulse SMS

This program consists of several applications. Primary version is free and the simplest. It allows you to send and receive text messages. You need to upgrade the app to have more features and options. It costs some money per month. We cannot say that it is the best android SMS app.



We recommend you this best SMS app for android. It doesn’t have extra and useless options. Nevertheless, it will meet your expectations. Thanks to QKSMS, you can send and receive messages and files of different formats. You will like the interface as it has an easy setting and floating notifications. Do not hesitate and try it.


Signal Private Messenger

It has much in common with other messengers. But an important difference is that it is the most protected application as you don’t have additional features for your phone number. Nevertheless, it has perfect design and interface. You can create group chats, share pictures, and buy stuff. Try this the best text messaging app.


Textra SMS

This texting app is rich in different features. It can provide you with various types of notifications, dialog boxes, and other emojis. Moreover, it guarantees you a high level of protection. You can create a theme and manage the design. It can be a good messenger for your phone.


Android Message

According to survey, this application can be slow. Nevertheless, it will provide you with free chatting. Speaking about interface, we should admit that it is ordinary and easy to use. You will have the list of contacts and the setting button. We cannot say that it is the best Android texting app.