Best Android Browser

It goes without saying that such program is an integral part of your smartphone. Every day we use the Internet, that is why we need an application that will make this process easy and fast. Everybody will agree that it is troublesome to read annoying technical characteristics and choose the best Android browser. That is why we offer you our article that contains brief information about the top browsers. You have a chance to get acquainted with their main features and decide which one is suitable for your phone. We have picked the programs that are easy to use and have free installation. We invoke you to be aware of the apps that will make your phone work well. Thanks to the best browser for Android you can create your own space on the Internet according to your tastes. So, do not postpone and keep reading the article. Hope it will be useful for you.


Google Chrome - Android

It goes without saying that you have heard about this one of the best Android browsers. As a rule, it is pre-installed on each phone. The browser includes all frequently used features. Moreover, it syncs data with Chrome on PC. If you use this program, there is no reason to change the browser.


Samsung Internet Browser - Android

We cannot say that it is the fastest Android browser. Nevertheless, it will pleasantly surprise you with its exciting interface and settings. It gives you the opportunity to watch the 360-degree video, do Amazon shopping, and use other Internet services. You should know that it blocks ads and has swipe gestures.



We cannot state that it is the best web browser for Android. Typically, it works as a launcher for the tabs. Are you interested in the specificity of its work? This browser launches the links and then open them in Chrome Custom Tab. It provides the quick access to different websites.


Dolphin Browser

Have you paid attention that this the best mobile browser is named after this cute animal? You will be pleasantly surprised with its features, in particular, incognito mod, ad blocker, flash support, etc. Have you ever heard about gesture controls? You can try it thanks to this browser.


Firefox Browser - Android

That is the most trusted and the best Android web browser. As a rule, it will sync your bookmarks, files, and history. Besides these features, you can use quick support and incognito mode. Moreover, you will have access to browser experience improvements. We invoke you to try it!



That browser is unique as it works in floating window. It means that you have the opportunity to see all your tabs. The link that you have picked will be opened at the corner of the home screen that is why you need to click it one more time. Test this the best browser.


Lightning Browser - Android

Its essence is motivated by the title. This the best Android browser 2017 guarantees you simple interface and attractive design. We should note that the demo version is not free. Nevertheless, this program deserves your attention as it has all necessary features. Learn more about it.


Naked Browser - Android

Despite its funny name, this program can be useful for your device. We cannot say that it is the best browser as it doesn’t have all necessary features. It will open your tabs and bookmark frequently used web pages. Is it enough for you? Perhaps you will like it.

Opera Browser - Android

Brave Browser

This Android browser is regarded as the newest one. You will find a great variety of different features such as blocker of advertisement and additional cookies. It gives you the opportunity to change the settings of the website and use the incognito mode. Surely, you can bookmark your favorite and frequently used web pages.