Best Apps to Improve Your Smartphone

Today people are addicted to their smartphones. All you need, you can find and complete using your phone. But while some people are limited to Google and basic programs, others use different applications that help them perform many daily tasks and plan their day without any problems. There are a great number of useful apps in App Store and Play Market that unknown to many people. We decided to create a list of top Android apps and apps for iPhone that are free. It was very difficult to choose only 10 of them because, frankly, there are tons of useful apps for free. Using these apps, you can schedule your day easily and avoid any displeased situations like traffic or oversleep. That`s why we recommend you to install at least one of these best apps and try it for a few weeks. You will see how useful they are.



The best apps are the ones that help us in daily life. At present, you are always in a hurry, and people who can be at the right time in the right place are in demand. But sometimes it's difficult to navigate in a big city and not get stuck in traffic. Citymapper will help you become a god of a city transport system and avoid time loses.



The best Android apps 2017 list would not be full without a Quip. Every day you have to chat, complete different tasks, create docs and lists, etc. In most cases, these things, except for you, must be done by other people with your work, class or company. Quip allows you to combine all these tasks in one application with access for all.



Traffic jams are a problem of the XXI century. That`s why one of the best apps for Android is the one which helps to avoid this problem. Waze produces traffic analysis and shows you the way without it or with the minimum traffic. Sounds pretty cool, isn't it?



Having a beautiful photo on Instagram is an obligation of everyone. But sometimes there is no opportunity to make a photo you want. In such situations, VSCO will help you. It is on the list of the best new apps according to App Store and Play Market ratings.


Microsoft Outlook

Ms Outlook became one of the best phone apps in the world because it helps you manage all the necessary programs of your smartphone and keep it in one place. It definitely should take place among best Android apps because it’s the best email program for any smartphone.


Clue - Mobile app

This one is for girls (or caring boyfriends). Clue Period Tracker became one of the best apps for iPhone because a lot of girls and women too lazy to keep records of their ovulation. Clue helps them with this necessary and mandatory issue.



How many times have you reset passwords? I suppose more than 20. And every time you think it is the last time you have forgotten your password, but it’s not. Dashlanea was rated as one of the best IOS apps and users write in comments that it helped them to forget about password resetting forever.


Dark Sky

Everyone had a situation when he went out without an umbrella, and after 10 minutes it started to rain. At such times, you hate everything and everyone, especially the umbrella that lies at home. Dark Sky is one of the top apps in App Store because it helps you predict the weather and make a right decision.


Sleep Cycle

A great problem of the modern world is lack of sleep. Every day millions of people wake up and go to work, but their real dream is to come back to warm bed. Sleep Cycle became one of the best iPhone apps in 2016 exactly because it helps to resolve this problem.



Vlogging is becoming more popular every day. If 5-7 years ago YouTube was a website with funny videos, now it is a home of vloggers. Therefore, if you want to share your videos on social networks, you will probably need a Magisto, which has become one of the best apps 2017 for video making and edition.