Best Android Launcher

Are you satisfied with the home and lock screens on your phone? If not, keep reading this article. We aim to inform you about the best Android launchers that will make your gadget work well. All that you need is to download Android launcher and test its features. We have picked applications that give you the opportunity to set various wallpapers, use widgets, and organize your folders. Moreover, such programs will provide you with quick access to your files. You can improve the state of your gadget. It goes without saying that it is boring to read big technical characteristics of the product. We invoke you to get acquainted with given information as it is brief and credible. You will notice that we have described the most significant facts about launchers. Cast a glance at it! Hope this information will help you cope with the problem related to the choice of suitable programs.


Solo launcher

It is time to speak about one of the top Android launchers. We should say that it has a basic set of features that includes themes, wallpapers, and mods. Moreover, you can clean the cache, boost the speed, and wipe the memory. This program will provide you with quick access to all files.


ADW Launcher 2

We want to inform you about one of the best Android launchers. You can download a free version and learn its specificity of work. The launcher has a well-developed interface and clear manager. It allows you to adopt a program to your phone. Moreover, be sure that widgets will support different versions of Android.


Apex launcher

That is one of the best launchers for Android. Are you interested why? The main reason is that you can manage the icons, scroll the main screens and add new widgets. Moreover, it includes theme engine that gives you an opportunity to change wallpapers. Do not hesitate and try it.


Arrow Launcher

The main feature of the launcher is the additional home screen. It is a special place where you can drag folders and other icons. It is special needed for people who are the frequent users of the Microsoft products. Do not forget about the best Android themes that you can install with this launcher.


Atom Launcher

Do you still hesitate which of the Android launchers to choose? We know how to help you. That is a competitive program that will meet all your expectations. It has a lot of different features that are related to the boosting of a phone. You can download additional themes in the Google Play.


EverythingMe Launcher

You can use its updated version. Developers say that it is smart and the best launcher as it can automatically classify folders. Moreover, it will notify you of the missed calls and different events. You will not have problems with its installation. This application can be your best friend.


Evie Launcher

We are intended to say that you can download it for free. It is considered as the fastest Android launcher. All you need is to realize its work specifics. This app includes various widgets that allow you to pick and manage the mods on your phone. Let your gadget be unique.


Lightning Launcher

This launcher will break your stereotypes concerning the home screen. This application allows you to select several pages and organize them as the main screen. With the help of JavaScript, you can manage modes and control panel. Be sure of its easy installation. Hope your device will work well with it.


Next Launcher 3D Shell

We cannot say that it is the best launcher Android as it is the most expensive one. Nevertheless, it can make your phone a monster as it provides your gadget with well-developed widgets and mods. It goes without saying that you will like its interface.


Action launcher

According to a survey, this is the best launcher for Android. You will be pleasantly surprised with its simple settings. Moreover, it guarantees you a fast work of your gadget. It gives you opportunities to use widgets in order to change wallpapers and theme. Make your phone nice and fast with this launcher.